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Send the gift of Skype WiFi with Skype Gift Cards

Growing up in Dallas, Matt had exposure to Spanish language and Latin American culture from a very young age. After a year in college as an exchange student in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he knew that he was destined to spend much of his life and career south of the Rio Grande.

Now with an MBA from Columbia University in hand, Matt is living the expat life as an executive for Laureate International Universities. He, his wife and two daughters are based in Mexico City and have also lived in São Paulo, Brazil. Many of his important work meetings take place in Miami. Others are in London, Milan, Kuala Lumpur or Beijing.

Needless to say, Matt travels – a lot. And that doesn’t even take into account trips to visit family in Dallas, Austin and Denver.

In a life of ever-changing surroundings, one thing that Matt can always count on while on the road is Skype WiFi. With innumerable hours spent in airports, hotels, universities and convention centers, he must make the best use of his time in transit – and that means having a safe, dependable and affordable internet connection.

With Skype WiFi he can get online at over 1 million WiFi hotspots worldwide. Rather than getting price gouged for full-day rates, he only has pay for the time he’s online with Skype Credit. He also doesn’t have to roll the dice with questionable online security or pull his hair out because of a faltering connection. Not only does Skype WiFi help Matt to stay productive, but – most importantly – it is how he keeps in touch with his family.

Now with Skype Gift Cards, Matt can give the gift of Skype WiFi to his family, other expat friends and colleagues. They too can enjoy the reliability of Skype WiFi when traveling but at no cost to them.

Matt’s Christmas shopping just got a whole lot easier. In fact, he can buy, personalize and send all of his Skype Gift Cards right from the Skype Store that he accesses on Skype WiFi from the airport lounge in Guadalajara.

Find out more about Skype Gift Cards and Skype WiFi.

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