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Why Are Skype Gift Cards a Great Present? Ask a Pro.

Lindsay Roberts is a nationally recognized gift-giving expert and founder of She scours boutiques, magazines and the web to find creative gift ideas and connects shoppers with the stores that sell her finds.

A frequent guest on news shows, she’s recently been interviewed about gifting on NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS and CW network affiliates across the United States.

As someone who is always on the search for unique ideas, Lindsay usually shies away from gift cards as being too impersonal. However, Skype Gift Cards strike her as an inspired present.

Lindsay says, “Skype Gift Cards are a great gift option for those who live far away from you. Holidays are all about catching up with the people you love, so you might as well make it as easy as possible for them to do that.”

While Skype-to-Skype calls are always free, a Skype Gift Card allows the person receiving the gift to call from Skype to mobiles and landlines and text to mobiles anywhere on the planet – at no cost to them. They can also use the Gift Card to access Skype WiFi.

Lindsay continues, “A Skype Gift Card shows that you want to be in better touch with the person you are giving it to. And a great way to add a little extra thought to the card would be to pair it with something that they can use to chat with you on. One of the hottest gifts this season are retro phones that plug into you computer or smart phone and look like old school devices, that or a nice Bluetooth headset would be a great compliment to a Skype Gift Card.”

A Skype Gift Card can be purchased from the Skype Store and delivered instantaneously via email. They can also be personalized.

“It’s tough and expensive to send things abroad, so a Skype Gift Card is an easy way to let friends and family feel closer to home,” Lindsay says, “Sometimes people far away also need a little nudge to remind them of all the people who miss them back home. A Skype Gift Card is the ideal opportunity to ever-so-subtly get them to call their loved ones a little more frequently.”

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