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LIVE with Kelly and Michael Fan Wins Trivia Contest via Skype

There are two things that Christianne Perry does every weekday morning.
1) The Rocklin, California, pastry chef gets up early to start baking.
2) She tunes in to LIVE with Kelly and Michael.

Christianne - Trivia Winner.png

And for the last year, she’s had a third daily duty: Christianne submits her personal info every morning to the LIVE web site with the hopes of being chosen for Kelly and Michael’s trivia contest.

Recently, her phone rang at 5:00am. Worried that it was her daughter calling unusually early from college on the East Coast, Christianne was surprised to hear the voice of a TV producer.

Christianne’s persistence paid off and she was offered a shot at the trivia contest – but now she was faced with the actual challenge of getting the question right.

After connecting to the producer on a Skype video call, it was time to wait. And wait she did while the show prepared for the broadcast. “I was extremely excited and pretty nervous,” recounts Christianne. “But it was amazing because I got to watch and hear the whole set-up for the show on the Skype video call. It was so cool to be part of the behind-the-scenes preparation.”

When it came time for the trivia segment, the “already animated on a regular day” Christianne was feeling surprisingly focused. Michael Strahan asked: “Which of Sally Field’s current co-stars did we say she co-starred with in the 1971 television movie, “Mongo’s Back in Town?” Christianne felt “as if I were in the room with Michael; I could see every expression on his face and he was excellent about making me feel at ease.”

She thought hard and delivered the correct answer: Martin Sheen. That’s when the calm evaporated and Christianne “went ridiculously hysterical.” She says that she still likes to re-watch the recording of her reaction whenever she “needs a good laugh.”

Moreover, Christianne’s family had welcomed a Spanish exchange student to their home just two days earlier. She had to explain to the student that a morning full of excited screaming and jumping up-and-down in front of a Skype video call was not a typical day in their home.

Christianne says, “I’ve long used Skype for personal calls, like for having an interactive conversation with my daughter while she’s at school, but after doing the show, I’m now thinking of ways that I can use Skype for my business too.”

As for the trivia contest, she says, “I’m happy that I won. I sometime cringe a little about my reaction, but, you know, I’m here to entertain and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

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