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Skype Tips from an Insider!

I realized something recently – I’ve been working at Skype as a Product Analyst since March 2010. This means that soon I’ll have been working here for 1000 days. I’ve managed to pick up a few tips along the way about Skype for Windows desktop, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Share files the quick way
Ever find yourself looking for the buttons to share files? Next time you need to send a file to someone try this:
• Search for the contact or group chat you want to send the file to
• Windows-key + E to bring up Explorer or Windows-key + D to bring up the desktop
• Find the file you want to send to them and drag and drop the file onto the Skype icon on your taskbar

OMG, did I just type that?
Ever make a really embarrassing typo and want to change it fast? After you hit send on an instant message just press the Up arrow on your keyboard and you can edit the last message that you sent. I hope for your sake they weren’t watching…

Notification overload
Have a group chat where others are constantly chatting and the notifications are driving you mad? Type /alerts off and hit enter and you won’t be bothered by them anymore. For more on /alerts and other chat commands and roles, check out What are chat commands and roles? on the Skype support site.

What was that group chat called?
I find myself being added to group chats all the time and keeping track of them all can be a real pain. Especially when the person who starts the group sets the topic as something totally vague.
To get around this you can right click on a group, or even a contact, in your recent contacts list and click Rename… to give it a name which you’ll remember. The best part is the other person or members of the group won’t see what you’ve renamed them to.

Drag and drop your contacts, they’ll love it
The easiest way to add a contact to a group is to drag and drop their contact from your recent contacts list to the list of group members at the top of a group chat.
You can also send a contact to the group, like handing out someone’s business card, by dragging and dropping the contact into the chat area.

Skype’s own Clippy… I see what you did there!

SMALL 1000 days of Skype.png

Last but not least (I only found this one out a few months ago myself), there’s an easter egg in Skype for Windows desktop that was there way before we became a division of Microsoft. Hold down Shift and click on Call phones in Skype and look out for some “helpful” advice in the bottom right of your screen.

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