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Keeping in Touch with Family Abroad for the Holidays

Samir was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. He had never spent any significant time away from the city until he moved to Los Angeles last year to start his own personal fitness training business.


Although he is more than busy swinging kettle bells and preaching proper form to his private students, Samir deeply misses his family back in Rio.

As he is still getting his business off the ground, he won’t be able to travel home for Christmas this year to celebrate with his parents, sister and niece. This will be his first Christmas away from his family.

Fortunately, he is going to buy Skype gift cards for his mom and his niece. Samir already uses Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls to keep in touch with his family in Rio. But now, with his jam-packed and ever-changing schedule of fitness students all over town, it is often best to reach him on his cell or a text message.

With a Skype Gift Card, his mom and niece can call him via Skype on his mobile phone and on his landline at no cost to them. His niece will be able to send him text messages from Skype as if he too were in Brazil.

Skype Gift Cards bridge the distance for this far-flung family. And Skype Credit on the Gift Card can also be used to purchase other services like Skype Group Video Calling – which will be ideal for everyone to get together at the same time for Christmas, whether on the beaches of Rio or the beaches of Los Angeles.

Learn how easy it is to give the gift of Skype.

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