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Pro Travelers’ Top Three Skype Travel Tips

Travelling during the holiday season is incredibly common. While the holidays are ostensibly about eating and relaxing with family – the travel itself can inject a fair amount of stress into your vacation.

We reached out to a bunch of travel experts to get their insights on how they use technology to overcome the stress of travel. Check out how these pros use Skype and think about how it can apply to your holiday journeys:

1. Skype Group Video Calling
DJ Darek Mazzone who hosts the highly regarded World Radio Music Program, “Wo Pop” on and DJs around the world with such artists as Santana, REM and Paul Oakenfold says, “I use Skype constantly on the road. Skype has saved me time, money, and my reputation since I can meet with anyone and deal with any time zone. I work with DJ’s and producers all over the world and, when coordinating a project, it is essential to be able to meet face-to-face on Skype Group Video Calling.”

If Group Video Calling is essential for Darek, imagine what it can do to ease the pressure of getting additional family members together for the holiday.

2. Skype WiFi
Kevin Raub is an American journalist and travel writer who lives in São Paulo, Brazil, and writes for everything from his own blog to Spin to New York Times Magazine.

Currently on assignment in India for Lonely Planet guidebooks, Kevin argues, “Few things give me greater pleasure than sitting in a foreign airport, unable to decipher the local WiFi scheme and/or figure out if foreigners can gain access at all (Brazil comes to mind!), and then seeing Skype WiFi come to life. Skype WiFi gives me affordable access at a per-minute rate rather than paying some exorbitant day pass fee when I only need 25 minutes!”

3. Skype for Mobile – Video Calling
Kristin Luna is a celebrity journalist and travel blogger who writes Camels & Chocolate: Tales from a Travel Addict blog. She says, “Mobile Video Calling on Skype is my godsend. I was recently traveling for a month and missing my husband. While at a jungle canopy lodge in Panama, I made a video call from my iPhone to my husband back in Tennessee. The only problem with the connection was that it was too good – he had trouble hearing me over all of the chirping crickets and other jungle sounds. Even better, there were a sloth and a coati just hanging out in the tree outside of my bedroom window, so I was able to introduce my husband to the “locals!”

While these folks travel more than most, their expertise can be used for your own holiday travels. Make sure that when you return to work after your sojourns that you are reminiscing about spending time with family, not about the stress.

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