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Skype Gift Cards Keep Grandson in Touch Over the Holidays

Annie lives in Miami. In recent years, her family has mushroomed from just her son and daughter to include their spouses and now four grandchildren divided between Miami and Memphis.


While Annie usually spends Thanksgiving weekend with her son’s family in Memphis, she is in the middle of moving houses and won’t be able to make the trip this year.

Annie’s eldest grandson has never missed a Thanksgiving with his grandmother and was upset to hear that she would not be in Memphis. However, Annie found the best way to make it up to him.

She is going to send him a Skype Gift Card. He is too young to have his own phone, but he does use Skype on the family computer. With a Skype Gift Card, he can call his grandmother on her mobile or landline from Skype whenever he wants and at no cost to him (and without risk of overage charges to his family).

The Skype Gift Card can also be used to purchase other Skype services like group video calling so that Annie, her grandkids in Memphis, and the other two in Miami can have a mini-family reunion for the holiday – no matter where they are.

And to make the gift even more special, Annie can personalize her Gift Card with a meaningful photo when she buys it via our Facebook app.

Find out more about how you can give Skype Gift Cards to bring your family together.

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