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Say Hello to Skype for Android Tablets

Today we’re delighted to announce version 3.0 of Skype for Android. As long-standing Skype enthusiasts know, we’re committed to making the Skype experience the best it can be, wherever you are and with whatever device you’re using. With so many now using tablets to make video and voice calls with Skype, this latest version is optimized to scale to your tablet’s bigger screen, so you can experience Skype on a larger display wherever you go.

From now on you can share the moment, a photo or a smile on the most popular Android tablets including the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, the Google Nexus 7, Acer Iconia, Asus Transformer Prime, Motorola Xoom and Sony S. And with our redesigned look and feel, Skype looks great no matter what screen size you have – either on a smaller Android phone or the more spacious display of your tablet. Take a look at this video to get a taste.

Beyond that, get ready for a boost in audio quality. Skype for Android 3.0 adds support for our wideband audio codec, SILK. SILK was designed to capture the richness of human speech. It copes well with the often varying speeds of Internet connections, ensuring that the audio quality is always the best it can be. That way, Skype will deliver the best possible audio on your tablet, even with a shaky connection.
To hear the improvements in audio quality for yourself, listen to this short demo.

We’re excited about these enhancements which are added to the long list of things you can already do on Skype including video calling, sending and receiving instant messages, sharing pictures, videos and files with anyone on your contact list, and making calls to mobiles and landlines worldwide at the amazingly low Skype rates.

You can download Skype 3.0 for Android from Google Play or simply scan the QR code below.

If you’d like to give us feedback, or get tips and tricks on how to make your experience with Skype even better, follow us on follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or join us on the Skype Support Network.

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2 thoughts on “Say Hello to Skype for Android Tablets

  1. scabies said 4 years ago

    First: Skype is still a nice product
    But: I tend more and more to use GTalk for Video on Android phone and tablet. Because: I don’t need an additional application with additional sign-in and different look and feel and I don’t hear and see a difference in audio / video.
    Since the latest update on Android there is a problem for people with front camera on the short side of their device. Only landscape is allowed, portrait is disabled and this is baaad. On Sep 2011 Skype wrote in this blog “wow, now you can use portrait mode” and now you disable it. In this blog entry you explicitely mention Google Nexus 7, but that’s where I have now trouble with. Beeing mobile and holding it in front of me in portrait mode the camera is on the level of my forehead / eyes. But now in the same position it’s on nose level what makes people always look up on me. Of course I could hold the device differently, but it just doesn’t feel natural. Really can’t understand that.
    Also in landscape the keyboard becomes just to small on 7″ devices already on the login screen, not to mention chatting becomes harder.

  2. richard6s said 4 years ago

    Skype on Nexus 7: Where is the in-call dialpad?

    On my Nexus 7, Skype seems not to provide a dialpad, once the call is connected. This means that Skype cannot be used with any services which require an ID to be entered after the call is connected; such as Conferencing services which require a conference ID.

    Exactly the same version of Skype ( on my HTC One phone does offer a dialpad as the third item on its “+” menu, during calls. But this item is missing from the menu on Nexus 7.

    There are other posts about this problem, but no solutions. Is there another way to access this dialpad… or must we wait for this problem to be fixed?

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