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Putting Skype Manager to use: TeamEXtension

A couple of months ago, we discussed the benefits of Skype Manager for your business.

With Skype Manager, companies can centrally manage the Skype accounts of their employees. A single administrator allocates credit and Skype features, making it easy to monitor and control costs and to ensure workers can take advantage of the features most relevant to them.

TeamEXtension, a Connecticut company that provides Java software design and development services to startups and big companies, is using Skype Manager to administer employee accounts as they use Skype extensively at work.

“We use Skype to talk and chat with each other, with clients and customers, with vendors, with freelancers, with candidates. Skype is our primary communication tool,” says Bienvenido David, the company’s founder and chief technology officer.

“Skype’s quicker than email,” Bienvenido continues. “It’s less intrusive than a phone call. We can easily do file transfers by drag and drop. It saves us money instead of doing international calls.”

Bienvenido appreciates that Skype Manager lets him easily add and remove features and track usage all in one place. He allocates Skype numbers and subscriptions, and uses auto-recharge to ensure employees’ account features remain consistent.

The employees whose accounts are part of Skype Manager are the ones who rely on Skype’s paid-for features to conduct their work.

“Those who are based outside the US are given the Skype subscription so they can call the US offices anytime. Some are also given a Skype number so we can call them from our phones,” explains Bienvenido. “Those in the US are given Skype credits, so they can use Skype if they want to call a phone number. We also use the Skype credits when we travel outside the US.”

He says Skype’s been essential to the company since its 2009 founding, and Skype Manager has been part of it since 2010. Bienvenido first started using Skype Manager because he wanted to provide Unlimited North American calling to employees.

TeamEXtension provides a good example of how Skype Manager can help a small business: the company identified certain employees and roles that make sense for extra administration, while others may not need it.

If you’re considering Skype Manager, it’s a good idea to take a look at the various roles at your company and how your employees are using (or need to use) Skype in their jobs. The ones who do or could rely most on Skype’s paid-for features – Skype subscriptions or online numbers, for example – are those whose Skype accounts you may want to create and control through Skype Manager. If you have any questions about putting Skype to work in your business, you can talk directly with the Skype team.

Are you using Skype Manager? Tell us about it in the comments, below.


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