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Skype 6.0 for Windows Desktop Update

Today we have release an update for the Skype 6.0 for Windows Desktop.

With this upgrade we have introduced an easy flow for Messenger users to upgrade to Skype.

Start downloading the updated version now.

Let us know what you think about it by discussing what matters on the Skype Support Network or in case you notice an off bug then please write about it on our public issue tracker.

Full release notes for are:


  • Messenger upgrade to Skype flow introduced

Fixed issues:

Category Description
Install Skype in client upgrade did not work correctly.
Generic Skype consumed higher amount of system resources for few users.
Calling Seldom missed conference call might have shown as missed call from conference host.

One thought on “Skype 6.0 for Windows Desktop Update

  1. melerix said 4 years ago

    currently I had version!

    what is the difference between vs ?

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