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Skype 4.1 for Linux

Today Skype for Linux has new friends. With this new release, codenamed “The new buddy”, you can sign into Skype using Microsoft account and chat with your friends on Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail and
Please stop by and say hello to all your friends wherever they are, wherever you are!
Together with this change we fixed many issues that you experienced with 4.0.

Different audio streams:
You can now set again a different audio stream for your sound notifications.

Dialpad in calls:
If you need the dialpad during your calls and there is no button for it, hit ‘d’ on your keyboard and it will appear. All Skype shortcuts are listed under /usr/share/doc/skype/README file.

Audio and Video quality:
As every release we try to make a better job on delivering to you the best calling experience, if you experienced issues with older versions please give a bite to this new version.

We improved the stability of the client.

For the full release notes please check out this page.
For installation instructions visit this page.
Download Skype for Linux 4.1

Skype for Linux is available in the following languages:
Brazilian Portuguese (Eduardo Porto Teixeira), Bulgarian (Nikolay Filipov & Nikolina Filipova), Czech (Alexandr Kara), Estonian, French, German (Claudius Henrichs), Italian (Marco Cimmino), Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian (Viktoras Kriukovas), Norwegian (Alexander Stevenson), Polish (Karol Szastok), Portuguese (Francisco Miguel Ferreira), Romanian, Russian (Pavel Shevchuk), Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish (Ömer Emin Dede), Ukrainian (Oleh Nykyforchyn).

61 thoughts on “Skype 4.1 for Linux

  1. ronjouch said 4 years ago

    Hi Marco. Note: Re-posting a message I posted on the just-outdated Skype 4.0 for Linux post, sorry for the repetition.

    GNOME shows interest in polishing the Skype experience under Shell. Allan Day, one of the core GNOME designers, recently created a Skype Message Tray Integration wiki page containing detailed proposals & mockups to improve Skype/Shell integration.

    The GNOME folks are doing astounding work with Shell, I sincerely hope you’ll find time to collaborate with them to push forward the ideas proposed here by Allan. They’re hanging around on irc:// and I’m sure they’ll be very glad to talk .

    Thanks for your work on Skype for Linux.

    • Marco Cimmino said 4 years ago

      What I don’t understand from the link is what you need to be done by me exactly to make it to work better under Gnome 3.
      Probably Skype Linux forum is a more appropriate place where to discuss this.

  2. craig1001 said 4 years ago

    Thanks for this. Love the work so far. From testing today on Linux MInt 13 x64 Cinnamon just two problems:-
    1) If I make a call, all sound comes through my headphones, which is correct.
    If I receive a call, all sound comes through the main speakers yet the the headphone mic is used.

    2) Sharing screens causes the shared screen to freeze. Also it doesn’t ask which of my two screens should be shared. Not critical to me personally as the “Share Selection” works fine.

    Final question, how do you connect both Skype and LiveID accounts (I have one from way back when I used to use Windows)?

    Good effort.


    • Marco Cimmino said 4 years ago

      1. if for “all sound” you mean incoming and outgoing notification sounds then seems correct behaviour.
      2. yes we noticed an unusual cpu consumption on fullscreen sharing on some OS like Debian 7.0, while was not reproducible on Ubuntu, but we have yet to investigate if relates to the machine+driver instead.
      3. to connect Skype and LiveID accounts use the Microsoft login option.

  3. zilvador said 4 years ago

    Such a nice surprise . Thank you for a new release!

  4. drees76 said 4 years ago

    Anyone figure out how to get this running under RHEL/CentOS 6?

    The Fedora 16 rpm doesn’t install due to it requiring alsa-lib >= 1.0.23 (only 1.0.22 is available) and not being available.

    The dynamic version crashes with the message “Illegal instruction (core dumped).

  5. craig1001 said 4 years ago

    @Marc Cimmino
    That can’t be right. If I MAKE a call, I can converse using the headset. If I RECEIVE a call then the conversation is split between the main computer speakers and the headset mic. My PulseAudio is set up as it has always been for Skype (Version 2.1) which meant all conversations happen via the headset, only ringing and notifications came through the main speakers. I’d like to set it up like that again.

    • Marco Cimmino said 4 years ago

      I was trying to understand if also you meant the received voice and not only the notification sound, in that case then seems a bug that needs to be reproduced and fixed then.

  6. csredrat said 4 years ago

    Best release of Skype for Linux!

  7. samuel..arellano said 4 years ago

    In the update 4.1, the Debian option offers a multiarch .deb. When I try to install it via “dpkg -i skype-4.1…” it says that I have wrong arch, so, is it multiarch or it isn’t?

  8. gladia.mcnamara said 4 years ago

    I can’t talk to any of my windows live messenger friends…what about now?

    • Marco Cimmino said 4 years ago

      Calling to Messenger friends isn’t supported.

  9. frankie_fl said 4 years ago

    Hi Marco, i eagerly installed new version on Fedora 16 , but it doesn’t work. Error msg: skype: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. I have 64bit OS and have qtwebkit-64bit version installed. But i think it requires 32 bit version installed?!? Can you point me to the right direction? I did a rollback to skype- which is working just fine. Thank you

  10. mrcoffee412 said 4 years ago

    Tried the precompiled version as Im running Fedora 17 64bit. Would not run. Tried the 32 bit for fedora 16. Would not run.

    Error: is needed by skype-

    I have it installed but Im sure its some versioning problem or 32/64 problem – whatever.

    Should have expected this from MS. Anyways, Ill just stick with my static version.


  11. i_dome said 4 years ago

    good news! thanks

    please return (mushroom) emoticon and aslo “shows animated emoticon” rise cpu load +30%

  12. ronjouch said 4 years ago

    @Marco I have no idea if what’s behind their mockups requires changes from Skype, or if everything is ready on the API side and all that’s left to do is to develop the GNOME parts. I was just bringing your attention to this effort, 1. as a notification, and 2. in case you could do something on your side to help.

  13. kein-anschluss-unter-dieser-nr said 4 years ago

    frankie_fl, you should install the 32 bit version of qtwebkit. The following command worked for me:
    > yum install qtwebkit-2.1.1-1.el6.i686.rpm qt-mobility-1.1.3-2.el6.i686.rpm
    If the rpm files are not in the fedora repository you’ll find them at

    Unfortunately I still get the “Illegal instruction (core dumped)” crash when trying to run the dynamic version under CentOS 6.
    Solution anyone?

  14. mirko.narciso said 4 years ago

    will be facebook sync available in the future release?
    Thank you so much for this update!

  15. belegdol said 4 years ago

    @frankie_fl: yes, you need 32 bit libs. yum install qtwebkit.i686 should do the trick.

  16. alessandro.menti said 4 years ago

    The message given by dpkg is a bit misleading – in my case (Ubuntu 12.04 x64) I just had to remove the old Skype version (via apt-get purge skype skype-bin) before installing the new one, try doing that.

  17. julian.stoev said 4 years ago

    I am a debian i386 user. On my debian stable your new version can not install. It requires libqt4-network version, which is not available in debian stable. I will not update my debian stable just to upgrade skype. I think you should go back to provide also a statically linked binary. This was a normal download option on your web page just few months ago.

  18. iceheart_xp said 4 years ago

    I have a lot of problems. The Debian package doesn’ t work on Squeeze and Wheezy actually is not a stable release. Also, I tried to install the package on a machine with Debian Wheezy AMD 64. When I try this I get the message of wrong architecture and I can’ t install. Now the option of download an static version has been removed so I will continue with 4.0. I can’ t find a single person who has installed this new version on Debian without problems.

    P.D: Is that hard to make a native 64 bit version to avoid problems and keep the system clean from 32 bit libraries ? Almost all PC sine 2005 can support 64 bit, this is ugly. In 2012 it’ s a shame to have 32 bit applications on 64 bit systems, there is no reason for this.

    • Marco Cimmino said 4 years ago

      For Debian Squeeze at 64 bit indeed is hard to make it to work, but for Debian Wheezy at 64 bit all you need to do is to enable multiarch.
      In both cases full instructions have been provided at the link, please read and follow it.

  19. gekapes said 4 years ago

    Version 4.1 works bad on Kubuntu 12.10 64bit.
    Problem: Skype crashes during calls after some time. Sometimes crashes even just after the start. Had to turn back to the previous version.

  20. wild_oscar said 4 years ago

    The 64 bits version seems a lot faster on Linux, but I have a question: using gnome, how can I get the tray icon back? It’s nowhere to be found, meaning that as soon as you minimize the main application you “lose” it…

  21. tragicwarrior said 4 years ago

    I got it installed just fine on Xubuntu 12.04.1 64-bit. Sound works just fine during calls but I don’t hear any notification sounds at all. Any one run into this problem and solved it?

  22. primantia said 4 years ago

    I used Skype for the first time on Linux, in particular Skype 4.1 for Ubuntu 12.04 (multiarch) on Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon edition 64-bit. It ran fine when I set up and tried the Echo/Sound Test Service, and then have a group chat. But then the program force closed when I tried accepting a group call. Restarted Skype, tried the same group call, same thing happens again.

  23. frankie_fl said 4 years ago

    @kein-anschluss-unter-dieser-nr, @belegdol. thx guys. i knew i had to install 32-bit version of webkit. i was just trying to install wrong package and it was failing. yum install qtwebkit.i686 seems to do the trick, but i didnt install cause it was trying to pull 64-70 dependencies. I am quite happy with I will wait for F19 to come out and perhaps try then on a fresh install. Any chance of ever getting 64bit Skype for Fedora? thank you

  24. mestrelion said 4 years ago

    So far, looks fantastic! WLM integration is an amazing feature! Some questions:

    1 – Will it also save chat history for Messenger contacts in the cloud, like it did with Skype chat history?

    2 – Is it possible to Block Messenger contacts (or, better, “Block and Report Abuse”)? Currently I only see “Delete”

    3 – Is it possible to make the dialpad show up by default? Pressing ‘d’ works, but less savvy users will not be aware of it (or won’t memorize it)

    4 – After merging Skype account with Microsoft Sign In, is it possible to revert the merge, or at least sign up using the skype account name and pass so it does not show messenger contacts?

    4 – Is this really Multiarch or native 64 bits? In my Ubuntu 12.04 x64 the “skype” package is downloading “skype-bin:i386”, is this correct? So no native 64 bits package yet?

    And my most wanted wishlist:

    – Allow opening received files by double-clicking them in the received files list (use xdg-open for that). Just like Firefox’s Downloads window. Opening the received folder and finding each file among hundreds (or thousands) of previously received files is not fun!

    – Allow incoming files to be saved in a subdir, per sender. So all files from jonhdoe would be saved at /jonhdoe

    Once again, congrats for the great work! Keep it up! And special kudos for keeping UI clean and not going the windows route with its bloated, insane UI

    • Marco Cimmino said 4 years ago

      1. Skype did not save your chat history anywhere.
      2. Blocking Messenger contacts is not available at the moment.
      3. Shortcut ‘d’ is the only way for now for non-pstn calls.
      4. Please contact customer support for unlinking your accounts.
      5. It is a 32-bit binary, packaged in a multiarch Debian Package.

  25. clarjon1 said 4 years ago

    Well, I hope that this fixes the issue I’ve been having with skype 4.0 where, if I’m in a fullscreen game, and I get a message, or call, or someone logs in, or another event happens to cause Skype to make a noise, it’ll lock up the game for some reason, causing me to restart X and log back in.

    • Marco Cimmino said 4 years ago

      If your X crashes I don’t know what Skype has to fix honestly. But you can always disable notifications under Options->Notifications if they cause you issues.

  26. nerevarindoril said 4 years ago

    A very annoying change in behavior from 4.0.x to

    Previously. a chat window with a new message from a contact would receive a very nice red dot over the blue baloon icon next to the taskbar name.

    Now, there’s no way to see, at a glance, if a chat window has new messages. The red dot is gone. I seem unable to find an option to re-enable it.

    Anyone has any hint?

    Kubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit

  27. markpayneatwork said 4 years ago


    In your post, you say:
    >Different audio streams:
    >You can now set again a different audio stream for your sound notifications.

    Can you please elaborate on this a little? I would like to have different output devices for ringing (laptop speakers) and making the call (USB heatset). Is this what you are referring to? At the moment, the “audio devices” options only shows one option: PulseAudio (localserver)



  28. goran.dzm said 4 years ago

    Since I did not find a simple support email where I can express my pain I write it here with the hope that someone will read it and fix the latest version of skype – 4.1. for linux. So the problem is: I’m from Europe and when I chat with a guy from USA his latest messages do not appear at the very bottom of the conversation but somewhere above and the timestamp next to his messages is with about 20 minutes behind the timestamp of my messages. So my messages appear at the very bottom but his latest messages appear before any of my messages from the last 20 minutes. Hopefully you can fix that because chatting is now a pain. Thanks

    • Marco Cimmino said 4 years ago

      Looks very strange, all messages should be in the local timezone, are you sure you did not have problems with your clock that got skewed and then some messages got the wrong timestamp?

  29. nimar.arora said 4 years ago

    I’m running on Skype 4.1 on Fedora 17, 64 bit (gnome 3) and I have used qtconfig to increase the default font size, which seems to be working for the menus and conversations. However, the notifications font is still too tiny!! Is there any way to increase that?

  30. geojorg said 4 years ago

    Thanks for the hard work. Do you know when video call will be available for windows live users ?

  31. marcosmnogueira said 4 years ago

    Congratulations for the excellent product. I’m just waiting for the Kopete integration to come back (but this is with the KDE team, who also deserves my compliments…).

  32. oldherl said 4 years ago

    Same problem in timestamp. It has nothing to do with timezones. The bug is that Skype mix the time of two computers together. If A and B are chatting, but A’s computer time is different from B’s, say several minutes, even if they are in the same timezone, the chat history will be completely a mess.

  33. nael_luciano said 4 years ago

    be available Facebook integration with Skype for the next version? I think we would use skype more often if I had this feature since it is difficult for many to be on facebook and skype to see ….

  34. gregpaes said 4 years ago

    Amazing, just in time, love the integration keep the good work, maybe we can get Facebook next time

  35. testabacsi said 4 years ago

    ./skype: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    I think my skype use ended….
    I can not do this lib in 32 bit….

  36. ovidiuvisan said 4 years ago

    Hi Marco,
    Looking forward to a proper API to interact with Skype. Can you tell us when is that planned?

    • Marco Cimmino said 4 years ago

      SkypeKit exists already since few years.

  37. nhollowhead said 4 years ago

    No sound in linux using Skype 4.1. On my laptop test sound doesn’t work but test call did give replay using crackly sound. However, the person I was calling could only hear static from me. I could them perfectly. I tried my daughters laptop which has worked perfectly with previous version of Skype. Installed 4.1 which seemed to break the sound generally on this machine. However on getting the sound to work again I get the opposite the test sound works (very quietly) but the test call doesn’t.

    Both using mint 13. No options in skype except to use pulse on either machine, different soundcards. Tried internal and external mic.

  38. the_joker_1985 said 4 years ago

    Hi Marco

    I have problem during video-call (i use debian testing) after a few minutes of video-call..

    Skype crashes and the program closes unexpectedly

    This is a known bug???

    Thank you for help

  39. winrar_1 said 4 years ago

    Thanks for updating Skype for Linux guys, it works great.

    Since you guys already re-made the conversation window, could you integrate it with the contact list so it looks and behaves more like the Windows version of Skype?

    Also, I think it’d be nice to have the option “Close button minimizes” like in Windows.

  40. yclee_skype said 4 years ago

    I cannot find the file /usr/share/doc/skype/README

  41. heleuthe said 4 years ago

    Hi Marco,
    I use Ubuntu 12.10 and i experience the same problems as the users above.In every call i have after a couple of minutes my camera freezes and i don’t have audio from the other though the speakers work perfectly.Another problem i experience is when the above happens i cannot even stop the call.It crashes after a while…

  42. gianmariomanca said 4 years ago

    I know that the Windows’s version is able to use the compressed video stream in h.264 produced directly via hardware by some good webcams like the “Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920”. This reduced the strain on the CPU on not-so-powerful computers and allows for high-quality video-calls. Any chance to have the same in the linux version, at least for the major distributions like Ubuntu?

  43. k.negyesi said 4 years ago

    If you switch back to the traditional multi window UI, the red star notifications are gone under KDE on the window icons.

  44. remedy222 said 4 years ago

    Hi Marco

    I have the same problem as the_joker_1985 has.

    Problems during video-call (I use Ubuntu 12.10) after a few minutes of video-call..
    Skype crashes and the program closes unexpectedly.
    Now, if i google it, ALOT of people have the same issue with skype crashing unexpectedly. it happends when the call is established.

    Known bug that going to be resolved soon?

  45. m.r.anand1965 said 4 years ago

    i am unable to see the video icon on my mint 14 linux in skype During test call i see that the video icon appears crossed. I have already enabled skype video call in the ‘options’. can you please help. As i use dual boot it works in windows 7. But i want to fix this problem in linux….

  46. remedy222 said 4 years ago

    Skype works good in Ubuntu 12.10 except that when i RECEIVE a call Skype crashes. but when i make a call to someone there is no problems what so ever, I just had a 7h conversation.

    Is there any workaround or any patch coming soon for this problem?

    As i see it its a Huge problem that really needs to be fixed fast since i can not receive calls at all.

  47. nael_luciano said 3 years ago

    Hi Marco,
    like others have had problems with the video call in ubuntu 12.10, the call hangs every time, I would like to take more seriously the support and development of skype for linux as it is a fundamental program of microsoft and can not afford to have this instability as it loses quality and trust in Microsoft, I’m very direct but I think this old user interface of skype for linux will please users when in mac and Windows are very linux leaving higher in antiquity, there is always betas and constant updates for windows and mac and linux anything even expected integration with Facebook and fuller appearance as windows, microsoft always complains of little apollo top application in its mobile platform (Windows Phone) as Instagram or YouTube app as Android and iOS but I think instead of better meet demand and be fair and give the example at least with its flagship program in terms of voip (skype linux) on the other platforms …

  48. palmer640 said 3 years ago

    Good to know that Skype is still supporting Linux, even after Microsoft bought he company. There is a problem though… The Skype interface is still the nearly identical to the older versions. Are there any plans to upgrade the GUI in the near future? I would love to see Skype become more functional and user-friendly for Linux. The current interface is a bit of a headache.

  49. fundriverfcw said 3 years ago

    When comes Skype 5 for Linux? It’s a shame that the linux-version is behind the version for Windows and Mac – and im supposed to change from msn to skype, but there are no advantages for me as a linux user to change to skype – just the design of the linux-skype is uglier than the different msn-clients on linux.

  50. sandeep.kalekar said 3 years ago

    I use ubuntu 12.10 and have just installed the new skype 4.1. Unfortunately I need to setup proxy to use skype (Or even login to skype). This functionality to be able to change the proxy settings before login to skype is no longer there in sjype 4.1 .

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