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Skype 4.1 for Linux

Today we have released Skype 4.1 for Linux, in which we have enabled Skype users to communicate with their friends on Messenger.

Start downloading Skype 4.1 for Linux now and let us know what you think about it by sharing feedback on the Skype Support Network or by reporting the odd bug on our public issue tracker.

New features in Skype 4.1 for Linux are:

Sign in with your Microsoft account

Starting to use Skype has never been easier. Just sign in with your Microsoft account and you are ready to go. After signing in with your Microsoft account, you will have all your buddies from Messenger, Xbox, Hotmail and available in Skype, making them easy to communicate with. If you already have a Skype Name, then you can merge the two and enjoy streamlined communications inside Skype with all of your friends on these services.

Instant Message with Messenger

Now you can IM with your friends with Messenger straight from Skype. This is the first native Linux solution that allows this.

User interface tweaks to improve the experience

We have tweaked the user interface a bit to improve the experience. The tweaks include:

  • Hotkey “d” added to invoke dialpad during Skype-to-Skype and conference calls
  • Pressing ESC will now exit full screen call view
  • Notification of unread messages in middle of the call
  • Differentiate between local and remote holding of call

In addition to these improved features, we have a few less visible, but helpful additions:

Implemented support for secondary logins

Now you can run more than one instance of Skype on Linux simultaneously. Just add the “– secondary” command line option to launch a second client.

Easier conference calls

We have fully implemented support for the /golive command in Skype for Linux to enable you to more easily host conference calls. Read more about this feature here.

Support for Skype URIs on Web sites

Web site developers can build Skype URIs into their pages to initiate Skype chats and calls right from their web pages. These URIs are now supported by Skype for Linux, so when someone surfing the Web clicks on a contact list that contains Skype names or phone numbers, the URI will automatically launch Skype for Linux and initiate a call to the specified target.

The released version of Skype is for Linux.

Resolved Issues:

Category Description
Video Video sometimes froze when switching to HD
API API returned incorrect values for command “Search Activechats” SCL-875
Generic Skype had invalid .desktop file. SCL-816
IM Contact names with special characters were not shown properly
Voice message During voice message greeting Skype showed that microphone was muted
Generic Debian packages failed Lintian check
Group conversations It was not possible to add phone contacts to group conversations
Screen sharing Starting screen sharing while a call is on hold crashed Skype
Calling Call hangup sound was played incorrectly when call went to voicemail.
Calling Ringing sound was played always to default audio device, not to user selected ringing device.

5 thoughts on “Skype 4.1 for Linux

  1. borsosadam said 4 years ago

    will there be a static build available?

  2. gladia.mcnamara said 4 years ago

    That is good news, thanks

  3. csredrat said 4 years ago

    Best release of Skype for Linux!

  4. apellion1 said 4 years ago

    Oh,that’s great that updates for Linux now are not released one time in half a year!)

  5. look-aa said 4 years ago

    Cool, a new release arrived! I just installed it, and I can see that the ampersand between my parents’ names now is displayed correctly as &, later I will try out the desktop sharing that crahed a few times on the previous version.
    One question though. I read somewhere that there was a new feature to display skype in single window, but I fail to find the website where I read it, and to activate it in my skype.
    If not available, as I start to suspect, when this feature will be implemented, please?
    the multiple windows mode is rather annoying if one has seen since forever a different better interface using Windows XP, 7 and 8…
    It would be seriously grand to experience a Windows-like version some day.
    Thank you!

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