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Getting started with Skype in the workspace

Last week we told you that Skype In the workspace opened to the public after beta launching this summer. I hope you’ve had a chance to take a look.

We’re really excited by the response so far. We’re seeing even more fantastic services go up, and overwhelmingly positive reactions from the community.

For those who haven’t yet visited, I thought I’d provide a very quick overview on getting started on Skype in the workspace. Our intention is to make the platform simple and intuitive, so you’ll find you’ll be able to make your way around it easily.

If you’re a small business owner, a startup or an entrepreneur and want to promote your services or collaborate around an idea, here’s what you need to do:

  • Head to the Skype in the workspace home page, and click on the Create an opportunity button on the left side. Sign in using either your Skype ID or LinkedIn user name and password.
  • sitw1.png

  • Follow the prompts to Create profile, if you don’t yet have one. You can add a photo to your profile (use a clear, well-lit headshot), as well as a short bio and links to your website and twitter handle.
  • sitw2.png

  • Once your profile is submitted and confirmed, you’ll create your opportunity. That’s what we call the service, or idea discussion, you’re offering and promoting.

    You’ll need to give your opportunity a punchy headline, as well as delving into a more detailed explanation to help potential customers understand what you’re offering. You have the option of including a photo or video that illustrates your service. You’ll also indicate the time you’ll need for your first interaction (in 5 minute increments up to 30 minutes).

  • sitw3.png

  • You can share your listing via Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn to help spread the word.

Professionals who want to find businesses offering services through Skype in the workspace should follow these easy steps:

  • On the Skype in the workspace home page, enter the search term that relates to the Opportunities you want to see (for example, “Pinterest” or “foreign language instruction”).
  • sitw4.png

  • You’ll get search results with all the opportunities that have been created relating to that term. Click on the one that interests you to find out more.
  • If you’d like to find out more, you can choose to connect with the owner of the opportunity. (If you don’t have a profile, you will be asked to create one when you connect.)
  • Skype in the workspace will automatically generate a message from you to send to the business, which you can edit. The recipient will be alerted that he or she has someone interested in the offer, and will respond to your query to set up a Skype meeting. They can directly email you or add you as a Skype contact.
  • Once you are connected on Skype, you can continue your conversation on IM, voice or video call.
  • sitw5.png

  • After you’ve connected with each other and enjoyed interacting, you’ll be given the opportunity to add a testimonial reviewing the experience.
  • sitw6.png

    It’s that simple. So I encourage you to join the Skype in the workspace community. Check out the different opportunities, and the curated collections, and create one of your own. And of course, we’d love your feedback here in the comments.

    Already a Skype in the workspace pro? Share your tips and experience in the comments, below.

One thought on “Getting started with Skype in the workspace

  1. rick-falls said 4 years ago

    How about doing a couple of skype live calls to talk about how this might be used for business?

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