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Skype Preview for Windows Phone 8

Today we have released a Skype (version 2.0) Preview for Windows Phone 8.

Two weeks ago, we announced that we were working hard on Skype for Windows Phone 8. Just like our bold new experience for Windows 8, the new Skype for Windows Phone will be fast, modern, and beautiful, while still delivering the best of what you’ve come to expect from Skype.


In this Preview, you’ll get all of the Skype basics in the new, modern design along with many of the new features such as integration with the People Hub and a combined contact list with buddies from Windows Live Messenger. Additionally, you’ll start receiving some call and message notifications – even when the app is closed and in the background.

Start by downloading the app now from the Windows Phone Store, and if you don’t have Windows Phone 8 – be sure to check out the range of new devices here.

Keep in mind that this release is still in Preview state which means that the experiences are not yet final.

We would like to hear your feedback. Discuss what matters on Skype Support Network or just comment in this blog.

Features available in the Skype for Windows Phone 8 are:

  • Skype contacts in the People Hub.
  • Start your next Skype conversation straight from the People Hub. You can call or start a chat from there to any of your friends on Skype.

  • Login with Microsoft or Skype account.
  • You can now sign into Skype with either a Skype or Microsoft account, making it easier to connect with friends. You can merge your Skype and Microsoft accounts on our desktop applications.

  • Connect with Messenger buddies.
  • When you have logged in with your Microsoft account then you can talk with your friends regardless if they’re on Skype or Messenger. You can merge your Skype and Microsoft accounts on the Skype desktop applications.

  • Always reachable.
  • You will now receive Skype calls and 1:1 chat messages even when the app is closed. Incoming call notifications and a Live Tile will notify you of missed conversations. The notifications work even when the device is locked.

  • Calls in background and call holding.
  • 2.png
    Skype calls continue even as you navigate to other apps on your phone. If someone calls you on your mobile number while you’re on a Skype call, you can now put the Skype call on hold and switch between the calls.

  • Visual refresh.
  • A new fresh, modern design that puts the people and conversations that matter most to you front and center.

  • Favorite contacts.
  • Now you can select the most important people and add them to a dedicated Favorites screen.

  • Visual notification of call being held by remote party.
  • See when the person on the other end of the call puts you on hold.

  • Presence in contact list.
  • Skype for Windows Phone now shows presence in the contact list. Skype for Windows Phone has 2 presence states “Available” or “Invisible”, legacy presence states are mapped to these.

As this is a preview release, then there are few known issues, which we are working hard to address. They are as follows:

Category Description Workaround
Calling Incoming calls when the screen is off may use a cellular data connection for the entire duration of the call, even if WiFi connects after the call is accepted. If WiFI connectivity is preferred, hang up and restart the call, ensuring WiFi is connected before connecting the call.
Calling All incoming calls when the app is closed will appear as audio-only calls (even though the caller may be sending video). Start the video by tapping start video button.
Calling Only the front camera is supported for video calling. None available
Calling Leaving the app during a video call ends video transmission. Re-start sending video after going back to Skype.
Calling Skype does not support receiving group calls when Skype is on background. None available.
Calling Skype 2.0 Preview for Windows Phone 8 does not support calls over Bluetooth headsets currently. None available.
Notifications You will not receive incoming calls or IM’s if your mobile data connection is not active and your screen is off.. None available.
IM Skype does not display notifications for incoming group conversations in case app is not in foreground. None available.
IM Skype for Windows Phone does not show your full IM history on the phone with given contact. View full history from your other Skype client.
IM Incoming IM toast notifications could be displayed seldom multiple times. None available.
Landscape mode Landscape mode is not currently supported None available.
Contacts There’s no ability to edit phone contacts. None available.
Contacts Phonebook contacts can’t be marked as Favorites in Skype. None available.
Live Tiles Missed calls will not appear on the phone’s home screen live tile. None available.
Favorites Phonebook contacts cannot be added as Favorites.  Only Skype contacts can be marked as Favorites. None available.
SMS (texting) Sending SMS is not supported in Skype 2.0 Preview for Windows Phone. None available.
Voice messages Sending and Receiving Voice Messages is not supported in Skype 2.0 Preview for Windows Phone. None available.
Microsoft Account merge It’s not possible to merge Skype and Microsoft Accounts on device. Merge the accounts on desktop clients.
IM Skype for Windows Phone does not support editing sent IM’s. None available.

Released build

7 thoughts on “Skype Preview for Windows Phone 8

  1. matvey364 said 4 years ago

    Good news. But what is happening now with Skype for WP 7.5 – 7.8? Is it going to be updated?

  2. de_iru_ch said 4 years ago

    Congrats on the release. It looks polished from the videos I saw.

    Is the app integrated with the message hub too? If not, why not? Would love to chat with people there, just as I can with MSN.

  3. ashishp2 said 4 years ago

    Not receiving call if connected using wifi and phone is in standby mode. This feature is much desirable for ppl like me who rely on wifi for the most of the day.

  4. yanbophx said 4 years ago

    Still a long way to go! Come on, dear skype! Please offer second-to-none skyping experience for WP8!

  5. gilles.kuzhivelil said 4 years ago

    Great job with the WP8 client. Skype is the main reason why I decided to buy the WP8. I am know the client is still in preview. Looking forward to the full version.

    I have two suggestions. I wish there is a default country code setting. When I click on a phone contact without a country code, it complains that the number is invalid. I will have to select a country code from the drop down. It will be great in that situation to launch the number in the dialer with my default country code setting. It is such a pain to edit all the numbers to prefix with the country code. The other issue is that the app doesn’t remember the position within the contact listbox or jump list. Every time I click a on a contact and hits the back button, it brings me back to the top of the contact list. not a big deal, but would be great if the app could take you back to where I was. Great job Skype Team. Can’t wait for the final version.

  6. lukasszmidt said 4 years ago

    Installed the preview on my 8X but encountered weird issues with people hub and Me-hub. Contacts linked in a wrong way (for example all contacts with same first name linked together), editing of linked contacts resulted into crash to startscreen,editing of unlinked contacts crashed the people hub as well, e-mail accounts not syncing, facebook account not syncing (“not up to date” status in Settings/E-mail and account, with error 83CF3105 when forced to sync) … Uninstalled Skype, and everything is back to normal, everything syncs, no errors.

    I didn’t expect uninstalling Skype to fix these seemingly unrelated issues, but apparently it did. I’ll wait for full version. No other apps were installed except Skype, so I do believe Skype caused all this.

  7. watlo1968 said 4 years ago

    “Skype 2.0 Preview for Windows Phone 8 does not support calls over Bluetooth headsets currently.” Big dissapointment. iPhone has it, why don’t we?

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