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Call for Donations: Help us Reach our Goal in Support of Skype for Peace

Do you think technology can bring positive change to the world? At Skype, we’re driven by the notion that our work makes the lives of our users better by helping make communication as easy and accessible to everyone as possible.

This idea is backed by our strong feeling that it’s important to seek new ways to give back to both our users and the local communities we’re a part of. For the past three years, we’ve contributed by providing Skype technology and instruction on how to use it to organizations focused on education, world peace efforts and humanitarian aid.

As a part of these efforts, we are honored to join together with consumers, non-governmental organizations and corporations including Microsoft, Unilever, JCPenney and many more around the world to be a founding partner of #GivingTuesday, a national day of giving in the U.S dedicated to raising funds and awareness for important causes everywhere.

Skype President Tony Bates announced the Skype for Peace initiate live at the Peace Day 2012 concert on September 21st.

As part of Skype’s founding partner role in Giving Tuesday we are happy to support Skype for Peace. With Skype’s help, Peace One Day was able to create the Peace One Day Global Education Resource, a set of 15 interactive, student-centered classroom lesson plans exploring issues such as anti-bullying, the United Nations and great peacemakers. The lesson plans connect classrooms around the world using Skype video calling to discuss peace efforts and methods of non-violent conflict resolution.

The Peace One Day Global Education Resource is already being used by classrooms in 193 countries, but we feel that this isn’t enough. Our hope is that we can inspire the world to give together and raise money to eventually make the resource available to every teacher around the globe.


Help us give the power to bring about world peace to the next generation and make the world a better place this #GivingTuesday: please visit to donate now.

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