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Contest: Show us your BOO-tiful Halloween Costume Photos

Pop quiz: what's the best part about Halloween? The candy? Spending time with friends and family? Carving pumpkins? Trick-or-treating? Parties? OK, maybe there are a few right answers to that question. For us, though, it's all about the costumes: kids… Read more

Bem-vindo ao Skype para Windows 8: rápido, fácil de usar e lindo

O Skype para Windows está chegando e estamos animadíssimos com essa importante versão do Skype. Esse é nosso grande passo em conjunto com a Microsoft para apresentar uma nova experiência do Skype, feita para ser always-on (sempre online), envolvente, divertida… Read more

Welcome Skype for Windows 8: It's Fast, Easy and Beautiful

Skype for Windows 8 is almost here and we are incredibly excited by this important new version of Skype. This is our big step forward together with Microsoft to introduce a completely new Skype experience, which is designed to be always on, immersive, effortless and fun to use. Read more

Global Skype community selects Skype Hero 2012

Every day we hear new stories about the unexpected and fascinating ways people are using Skype. Of the thousands of examples, we nominated five exceptional candidates for the Skype Hero 2012 award. From an explorer to a doctor to a… Read more

Skype in the Classroom también sirve para guiar a los niños hacia profesiones futuras

De niños, todos tenemos grandes sueños. La imaginación vuela en ese momento para responder a la pregunta, ¿qué quieres ser de mayor? Bombero, astronauta, capitán de barco, escritor… Hoy en día, tiene más fácil respuesta, porque gracias a Skype in… Read more

Using Skype for Business on your mobile devices

Many small business owners who use Skype are true road warriors, spending days if not weeks at a time traveling for work. In fact, these business people frequently tell us that their travels are what led them to become regular… Read more

Skype Click to Call now supports Firefox 16 on Windows and Mountain Lion on Mac

I'm pleased to announce that we've just launched Skype Click to Call for Windows, version 6.3.11079 with Firefox 16 support. Additionally we have released Skype Click to Call for Mac, version 2.3.11097 with Mountain Lion support. We ask that you… Read more

Dicas de segurança para a sua senha do Skype

Vamos falar da segurança da sua senha? É um assunto meio chato, mas é sempre bom lembrar, para garantir que você tenha a melhor experiência com o Skype e na Internet em geral. Quando você pergunta para qualquer pessoa o… Read more

Calling landlines and mobile phones for less with Skype subscriptions

It's tough to beat the value of free Skype-to-Skype calls. But many of our small business users also want to call people who aren't on Skype, and that's where they have a few alternatives. Skype charges a small fee to… Read more

Everything you ever wanted to know about passwords, and some things you didn't!

Today's guest blogger is Matthew De Beer, who is a Product Feedback Analyst here at Skype. Take it away, Matthew! How about we talk about password security? If that sentence made you roll your eyes and start looking for a… Read more

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