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Identical Twins Stay Connected Through Skype Baking

All families have customs, many of which involve bringing people together through a home cooked meal. Sharing in the preparation of that meal is a way that families and friends connect and build upon tradition. But what do you do when you’re not able to be in the same room with your family and friends, or even on the same continent? You keep in touch through Skype, of course.

Growing up, Alexis and Kelsey did everything together. As both best friends and identical twins, they were inseparable. When Alexis moved nearly 5,000 miles away from their home in San Diego, California to Stockholm, Sweden, the pair thought it would be difficult to stay in touch. Enter Skype: the duo uses Skype to communicate face-to-face on a regular basis, even looping in their parents and other siblings using group chats.

When Alexis and Kelsey lived in the same city, the twins baked together on a regular basis – their ritual included carefully reading the recipe together then working as a team to complete all of the steps and while the delicious dish was in the oven they spent time chatting and catching up. Last week, the duo reinstated their long-time tradition and cooked together using Skype. Says Kelsey, “When my sister and I are chatting over the phone, it feels like we’re a million miles from each other. When we use Skype, it feels like we’re cooking in the same kitchen. We can laugh together, bicker about measurements and enjoy the other’s company as if we were in the same room.”

Skype baking.jpg

The pair plans to keep this tradition going, and they’re off to a great start, as their first go-around yielded mouthwatering inside-out carrot cake muffins. Things have gone swimmingly since, save for one incident where Alexis almost mistakenly added garlic herbed cream cheese to the muffins in place of regular cream cheese filling.

With this new tradition in place, will the twins let other family members in on their tradition? Nope. “This is a twin only cooking session,” says Kelsey. “But we always have family and friends nearby to be our taste testers.”

Whether you are in need of good home cooking, keeping a tradition alive from across the globe or sharing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, more and more cooking enthusiasts are discovering Skype is an ideal medium for sharing the cooking experience. Have you used Skype video chat to cook or bake with friends?

One thought on “Identical Twins Stay Connected Through Skype Baking

  1. krystine0289 said 4 years ago

    My father and brother who live in another city wanted to have a pumpkin carving contest with me. So last night I had them on Skype while I carved my pumpkin (so they could make sure I wasn’t cheating ). It was so much fun and the pumpkin turned out great! I get to see my family everyday because of Skype

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