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Extraordinary women create new possibilities with Skype

Pippa Lord, the Melbourne-bred, Brooklyn-dwelling founder of the online culinary and lifestyle magazine Sous Style, is one of the pioneers of a new generation of younger, hipper and tech savvier generation of Martha Stewarts who strive for “imperfect perfection.” She relies on Skype to connect her to a worldwide audience of people eager to learn and share their own creative efforts. Pippa is a role model for innovative people who are forging their own path on their own terms and doing so with style.

Recently, she held an event with other people at the vanguard of this global movement of creative professionals. All of these entrepreneurs have harnessed the power of Skype to craft career possibilities and freedoms that were unimaginable just a few years ago.
In the kitchen was Christina Tosi: James Beard’s Rising Star 2012 and Momofuku Milk Bar‘s revered chef and owner. Or, actually, her assistant Courtney was in the kitchen and “Tosi,” as Pippa affectionately calls her, was in one of Milk Bar’s kitchens in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – on a Skype video call.

Skype cooking.jpeg

Tosi showed how to concoct Milk Bar’s famous cereal milk (yes, just like at the bottom of the bowl), coached how to roll proper cake truffles and more. Even though she was the other side of New York City, Tosi took a close look at each cake truffle over Skype to be sure they looked up to her standard before anybody sampled them. But she doesn’t just provide cooking lessons. As she is now in demand at restaurants around the world, Tosi also uses Skype to maintain the Milk Bar empire while she is on the road.

On a set of mats in front of a Samsung Smart TV with embedded Skype technology was Mary Helen Bowers, the founder of ballet-inspired fitness company Ballet Beautiful. Mary Helen backs her method with a lifetime of experience: she joined the New York City Ballet at 16, has danced all over the world and trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan.
Not only was Mary Helen able to use Skype to keep Ballet Beautiful thriving while traveling with Portman, but the experience introduced her to the potential for remote fitness classes. As she demonstrated warm-up stretches via a video call direct to a client’s living room, Mary Helen explained, “Traditionally, if you wanted to exercise at home, you had to pop in a DVD. But people naturally like fitness to be social and interactive. Skype is creating a revolution in home exercise.”

Skype ballet small.jpeg

Designer Pamela Love started making jewelry in the basement of her Brooklyn apartment in 2006. It wasn’t long before her distinctive creations gave rise to a full-blown business with a burgeoning team of employees. Beyond the success of her own individual line, Pamela has collaborated with designers such as Zac Posen and produced jewelry for HBO’s True Blood.
Instead of working from her new Manhattan studio, Pamela set up her desk in the loft and spent all day chasing down a deadline with her team of employees. By conducting a live job interview and even sharing some massive video files on Skype, Pamela proved how Skype opens doors to new concepts of where and how work can be done.

Skype Interview.jpeg

It was an intense day full of new ideas and discussions. Each woman was able to use Skype to shape new possibilities for their creative careers and make the demands of those careers just a little bit easier. Pippa concluded with a smile that “the most important thing is to work smart, not hard… but always with style.”

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