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VOTE NOW for the "How Video Calls Globalize Shared Learning" panel at SXSW Education

There’s only ONE WEEK left to vote for which panels will be hosted at 2013’s South by Southwest Education (@SXSWedu) – one of the new components of the famous Austin, Texas-based ideas and arts conference. Vote here before October 5th for “How Video Calls Globalize Shared Learning” to ensure that it will be showcased at the event.

Thanks to technology, classrooms no longer have four walls. The use of video calls in classrooms around the world is making shared learning possible. Now, students in Kentucky can connect with schools in Kenya or a teacher in Oregon can collaborate on a weather project with a teacher in Argentina.

In the “How Video Calls Globalize Shared Learning” session, CMO of Skype, Elisa Steele will be joined by educator and author Angela Maiers, educational technology consultant Wendy Gorton and Professor John Boyer of Virginia Tech University.

Some of the questions they will answer are: How can you use video calling to enable shared learning in the classroom? What are the benefits of shared learning to students and teachers? What can students learn by engaging with other cultures around the world?

It is important to vote for this panel because shared learning empowers students to understand how people from different countries and cultures act, communicate and perceive the world around them. Shared learning also gives educators and subject-matter experts the opportunity to create wonder and inspire global youth.

SXSW began in 1987, and has continued to increase in size every year to encompass music, film, interactive and now education and environment. Please vote now for “How Video Calls Globalize Shared Learning” to make sure that this important topic is discussed in the growing education component of this influential event.

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