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Help Peace One Day and Skype Support Peace Efforts Around the World

Skype has been proud to play a role in enabling the mission of Peace One Day, an organization devoted to promoting non-violence in all its forms, for over 3 years. One of Peace One Day’s goals is to inspire a generation to become the driving force behind the vision of a united and sustainable world. To help Peace One Day achieve that goal, we created together in 2010 a Global Education Resource for teachers promoting intercultural co-operation, global citizenship, and non-violence. We have received positive feedback from the thousands of teachers using the material as part of their curriculum.

Peace One Day wants to provide this free education resource to every school on earth and Skype wants to support making that dream a reality. But to make that happen, we need your help. That’s why today, on Peace Day 2012, we’re launching our first-ever “Skype for Peace” crowd-funding campaign. All funds raised through this initiative will be used to get the Peace One Day Global Education Resource in the hands of more teachers around the world.

Skype for Peace from Startnext on Vimeo.

Donations start at $10, and Skype will be matching every dollar donated dollar up to $100,000. Our crowd-funding initiative starts today and will close on November 21st. To learn more about our crowd-funding initiative or to help contribute to our goal, please visit

To further support Peace One Day’s goal of inspiring a generation to build a united and sustainable world, our colleagues within Microsoft are excited to announce the launch of the Spark Peace Movement. This program will give young people around the world the opportunity to receive funding from individual donors for initiatives they wish to undertake that promote peace in their region.

Please encourage your friends and family to donate to Skype for Peace. On #GivingTuesday (Tuesday, November 27th), a national day of giving in the U.S dedicated to raising funds and awareness for important causes everywhere, Skype and Peace One Day will announce the results of our crowd-funding effort.

“Peace One Day believes young people are the key to creating a peaceful and sustainable world,” said Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day. “We are very excited to join Skype and Microsoft in the ‘Skype for Peace’ crowd-funding program to reach a global audience of students and mobilize a generation of young people in support of peace.”

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