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On the road? Skype WiFi gets you online, on the cheap

Skype WiFi logo.PNGMost business travelers can likely relate: you’re in a hotel or airport and want to get some work done online (or maybe call a colleague on Skype).

So you get out your laptop (or your tablet or smartphone), search for a local wireless connection, complete an online form, supply your credit card info, and pay up for some minimum chunk of time (maybe three hours or even a whole day).

Sound familiar? The problem is, you typically end up paying for time you don’t use (how often do you need 24 solid hours of Internet access?). And it can be frustrating to have to pull out a credit card and deal with a new sign-up process in every airport or hotel room. But avoiding that procedure has meant using a mobile device wireless plan, where the charges can stack up quickly.

Until Skype WiFi. What’s Skype WiFi? It’s a way to access the Internet via your Skype account on your mobile device or laptop, at more than one million public wifi hotspots worldwide. You use Skype Credit to pay only for the time you’re actually online.

That means no entering credit card info or completing sign-up forms, and no paying for a day pass if you only need to be online for ten minutes. You just pay a small charge based on whichever country you happen to be in at the time — for example, if you were in Japan you’d pay between $.06 and $0.22 per minute — and you’re surfing the web in no time.

Whatever device you’re running Skype on, you’ll need to have the latest version installed and some credit in your account for Skype WiFi to work.

If you’re on a PC or Mac, you’ll automatically see a message if you sign into Skype and are connected to a compatible hotspot. It’ll prompt you to get online from there.

If you’re using an iPad, iPhone or iTouch, you can get online through the free Skype WiFi app. To get it started, you sign into the app with your Skype account. After that, you just open the app and tap “Go Online.”

Looking for more? Check out the Skype WiFi page on Already a Skype WiFi user? Share your experience in the comments, below.

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2 thoughts on “On the road? Skype WiFi gets you online, on the cheap

  1. This Skype WiFi app does not work for me. I live in Portugal and every time I try to connect to FON network it crashes and closes it self. It is a real shame because it is a great concept.

    • Shana Pearlman said 3 years ago

      Hi Tiago, what platform are you on? Shana from Skype.

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