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Skype for Android Quiz: Put your Skype talents to the test

Millions of people use Skype for Android every day to keep in touch. You might be one of them, but do you think you know Skype inside out, back to front? How about putting your Skype talents to the test? To celebrate our new Skype for Android app, which launched last week, and to mark a staggering 70 million downloads of Skype for Android, we’ve started our Skype for Android facts quiz on Facebook. Just answer five questions and proof you are a real Skype for Android expert.

You could win one of ten great Android handsets if you get all the questions right. And you’ll pick up some good tips regardless! All correct entries go into our prize draw. To boost your chances of winning, get your friends to join in too. You get an extra entry in the draw each time someone you invite does the quiz.

To take part, just access the Skype for Android quiz app on our Facebook page. Good luck!

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