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Skype 2.9 for Android – improved Bluetooth support

We have released Skype 2.9 for Android with improved Bluetooth support.

Start downloading the new version now from Google Play and let us know what you think on the Skype Support Network.

In the new release, we have improved our support for Bluetooth devices improving audio quality, reducing delay, fixing some issues and ensuring that Bluetooth icon info is always accurate.

Full release notes for the Skype are:


  • Improved Bluetooth support

Fixed issues:

Category Description
Contact list On some devices Skype contacts were not synced with the device’s contact list
Contact Search Skype stalled while responding to a contact search request
File sending On some devices Skype was unable to open received files
Generic Skype would sometimes log off with no reason
Video Video calls on some Android 2.2 devices were not working
Video Video was blurrier than on previous version of Skype on some devices
Video Video on Samsung Infuse was rotated by 180 degrees
Video Skype video was black or green on a few devices with Qualcomm chipset

Known issues:

Category Description Workaround
Calling Audio call volume could be low on some devices None available
Video Video could be upside down on a few devices Control the Video Rotation in the settings panel
Video Video is turned off when switching incoming and outgoing video display None available
Video Returning to video call either from phone call or after sending Skype to background might result in black picture Restart the Skype call

3 thoughts on “Skype 2.9 for Android – improved Bluetooth support

  1. accounting.directors said 4 years ago

    Using Jawbone ERA (wireless bluetooth) + android phone. When I talk (thru Skype) sounds like chirping, not audiable at all. When I skype/android without blutooth, works fine.

  2. rykellim said 4 years ago

    Skype for Android
    Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset MW600
    Samsung Galaxy Note
    Android 4.0.4

    Audio works but NOT the microphone.
    Workaround: Restart Bluetooth headset in the middle of a Skype call.
    Result: Microphone works BUT the audio and voice quality is BAD and LAGGY.

    Please advise?

  3. sleclerc.ilmn said 4 years ago

    I am still getting random signoff on my Galaxy Nexus device running stock android 4.1.1

    Being a long time subscriber to a Skype-In number with a North America monthly plan, having Skype ring when a call is made to the land line number is critical. Skype has not been good at that for a few revisions now and this is frustrating. In order to have Skype actually ring, I need to turn the phone on, activate skype and go in contacts then make call. At this point, Skype is “awake” and rings if someone calls. I have tried many different settings for wifi on my phone and even with “always on”, skype won’t ring.

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