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Happy 9th Birthday, Skype

It was Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone and made the first call ever in 1876, and it was Motorola that invented the first cellular phone in 1973. It was Skype that joined in on these revolutionary moments in communications history on this date nine years ago with a little piece of software.

Today we celebrate nine years of Skype, and we’ve put together a timeline infographic recounting some of the many important moments that make up our nine year history.

Among the many things, we highlight when the company opened its doors in August ’03, the arrival of Skype on a mobile phone introduced by 3, a mobile carrier in the UK, in October ’07, the launch of video calling in January of ’06, the launch of Skype on TVs in January ’10, the acquisition by Microsoft in October ’11, and more recently, hitting 250 million connected users per month in June of this year – testimony to our users’ enduring loyalty and love of communicating with their friends and family across the globe over Skype.

These defining events make for a very interesting history. But they tell only part of the tale. Behind these dates lie the many stories in which Skype improves peoples’ lives and brings people closer together on a daily basis. We’d like to take this opportunity to share a few interesting stories from our users, and say thanks to our many users around the world.

We’ve encountered two friends who met as architecture students in New York City and discovered a mutual passion for eating and cooking Korean food. Although, one now lives in Munich and the other is in Berlin, they continue to get together via Skype and work to perfect their favorite Korean recipes.

Skype’s capabilities can be harnessed to create any number of new technologies. Roboticist Claire Delaunay devised and constructed, in a California garage, an interactive robot controlled via Skype. The possibilities for other Skype-powered services and devices are enough to make your head spin.

We often hear from Skype users that they rely on Skype to maintain a romantic connection with their boyfriends, girlfriends and spouses in far-flung lands. But now there are even Skype marriages. When Samuel Kim fell sick and wound up in a hospital bed for his wedding day, it was too late to reschedule the festivities for all 500 guests. Samuel and his bride, Helen Oh, didn’t miss a beat and said their vows over Skype right onto a jumbo screen in the church.

We look forward to providing you with more great Skype experiences in the many years ahead.


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