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Peace One Day Teaches Students about Peace through Skype Talks

Skype has been a proud partner of Peace One Day, an organization devoted to saving lives by promoting worldwide peace, for over three years. Since first joining forces, our collaboration has evolved to focus on raising awareness of Peace Day, September 21st, an annual day of non-violence around the globe. As part of Skype’s ongoing work to change the world by removing cultural, technological and societal barriers to communication, we’ve recently expanded our partnership further to include a larger focus on education.

Working together with Peace One Day founder Jeremy Gilley, we created a Global Education Resource for teachers which features multimedia lesson plans that cover peace, sustainability and more. Our hope is that our collective efforts will contribute to the greater good of the world and ultimately help cease violence in our society.

This year, we started the Skype Talks projects. As part of these projects, Gilley will use Skype video calling to talk about peace and non-violent conflict resolution to schools in all one hundred and ninety three member countries of the United Nations. To learn more about these Skype Talks and Peace One Day, watch the video below:

If you’re a teacher interested in hosting a Peace One Day representative via a Skype video call with your students, visit Peace One Day’s project page on Skype in the classroom. Registered teachers have the opportunity to link directly to the free Skype-supported Peace One Day Global Education Resource and inspire and educate their students about the importance of peace in the modern world.

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