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Skype 4.1 for iPhone and iPad

Today we have released Skype 4.1 for iPhone and iPad. In this release, you can send and receive photos from your Skype for iPhone and iPad to your Skype contacts. We have also made overall improvements to the product quality and calling experiences.

New features and improvements:

  • Ability to send / receive photos
  • Updated privacy setting
  • Bluetooth bug fixes
  • UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

We recommend that everyone upgrades to the newly released Skype for iPhone and Skype for iPad applications from the Apple App Store. We are always interested in hearing your feedback, so please report any issues to our Skype Support Network.

Known Issues:

Category Description
Accessibility VoiceOver support is not yet fully supported
Bluetooth Audio lost when connecting/disconnecting BT device with active call in background
Bluetooth Audio may stutter when connecting a wired headset after a BT headset
Photo Sharing Photo Sharing cancellation does not occur for receiver if sender is signed-in in multiple instances
Photo Sharing Application quits when you quickly send multiple pictures in a row on a slow connection
Photo Sharing Skype might quit if you tap on the big size picture that is being rendered on the screen

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