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Skype leads Prague's rise as a global tech capital

Prague always manages to reinvent itself as a center of culture and innovation, no matter as part of the Holy Roman Empire, the Hapsburg Monarchy, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Czechoslovakia or the Czech Republic. Now, it’s becoming an essential hub in the globalized world of technology – led by the likes of its Skype office.

When asked “Why work at Skype in Prague?” local Skype recruiter Miroslav Vasko states, “It’s simple really: it’s a great place to work, we’re making amazing products and we have a diverse, exciting work environment.”

We followed up with three employees at the Prague office to find out more.
Natallia Reshytnik, a Lead Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) in Prague exclaims, “We’re not only a great place to work, but a friendly place to work too. When I joined Skype, there were less than 20 people in the Prague office. We were like a big family. Now, we have almost five times as many people, but we’ve still preserved those ‘family’ traditions.”

Some of Natallia’s favorite office events include “barbeque parties on the terrace, where not only your Skype family but your other family is welcome, including kids” and “the lovely dog who sometimes hangs around the office and will become your new ‘BFF’ for a treat.”

As for making amazing products in Prague, Director Portfolio Product Engineer and tech industry veteran, Tomas Vocetka asserts, “The Prague site is one of Skype’s essential engineering centers. Teams in Prague are working on important projects like brand new Skype clients, Skype user directory, backend services and more.”

He also sees that the shifting industry landscape around mobile, cloud and now Windows 8 will give Skype greater opportunities “to reinvent itself and expand in order to delight even more users.” Tomas continues, “This means lots of super-cool challenges within the enormous scale of our user base. I really believe Skype is THE unique place to be and Prague is one of the teams at the center of it all.”

When it comes to a diverse, exciting work environment, Radostin Georgiev, a new SDET hire who recently relocated from Bulgaria, adds: “Beyond Czechs, we also have people from Greece, Sweden, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and more.” In fact, there are more than 16 nationalities currently working in the office.

Radostin says, “The diversity is really positive as we all learn from each other. Having people from different countries also helps us to truly understand how Skype can best work in those places. It gives us many ‘insider’ points of view.”

Radostin concludes, “Skype in Prague is a very welcoming place, where we work hard, think big and, fundamentally, enjoy each other’s company.”

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