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Checking in on Man's Best Friend Using Skype

Pining for some additional one-on-one time with your pup? Worried that your new kitten will wreak havoc in your house while you’re away? If so, you’re not the only one! While we initially thought pets using Skype was simply a joke from Conan funnyman Andy Richter, recently, a wave of concerned pet owners have taken to Skype video calling to keep an eye on their pets from afar.

As this idea has taken root in the hearts of pet owners, we’ve seen many have even resorted to creating Skype accounts specifically made for communicating with their furry friends. This and a simple settings change to allow calls to automatically pick up enable them to converse with their pets remotely.

According to The Daily Mail, one proud pet owner, Tom Roszkowski, uses Skype video calling to observe what his five-month-old pup Pizza does during the day. Roszkowski said, “It started as us being curious and wanting to check she was OK.” As time progressed, “people at work started asking me what’s [my dog] Pizza doing, and now when I Skype her, everyone gathers around to say Hi.” Eventually Roszkowski, after a call which consisted of Pizza crying, decided to get another dog to keep her company.

(One user talking to his dog via Skype. Image c/o

Speaking of keeping your furry friends company – pet owners are also using Skype to help their pooches powwow with their fellow canine friends from a distance. Take a look at what these two dogs had to say to each other over Skype:

Have you ever checked up on one of your pets via Skype? Let us know by commenting below.

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