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Skype Saves a California Couple’s Wedding

What do you do when it’s mere days before your wedding and you find yourself without your groom? No, this isn’t a promo for the movie ‘The Hangover 3’ – that’s exactly what happened to Orange County, CA bride-to-be Helen Oh, who had to rush her husband-to-be Samuel Kim to the emergency room just days before their big day. However, rather than cancel or postpone the wedding, Oh was adamant that the show would go on. “I completely expected to postpone our wedding, but my fiancée, she really insisted. She wanted the wedding,” Kim told The Orange County Register.

Oh’s father, who officiated the ceremony, first suggested calling Kim and putting him on speakerphone during the wedding. Oh then suggested video calling via Skype, which at the time her father didn’t know was possible. With Kim projected on a jumbo screen in the church, the happy couple married on their planned wedding day in front of 500 guests, many of whom had travelled internationally just to attend. During his vows, Kim told Oh, “Helen, my wife, I’m very, very sorry for not being able to walk you down the aisle or stand at the altar, but today is just one day. We’re going to live for a very long time.”

Skype Wedding Blog.jpg

The broadcast was a success, and afterward Kim received an outpouring of texts from his wedding guests congratulating him and wishing him well at the hospital. And while Kim couldn’t attend the reception, his new bride visited him in the hospital shortly after, with plans to honeymoon in Paris later in the springtime.

At Skype, we’re proud to have been a part of Samuel and Helen’s special day and are dedicated to making sure that you never have to miss any of life’s important events.

Have you ever attended a wedding through Skype? Share with us in your comments below!

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