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'The Reel' Welcomed as New House Band for the Join Say it with Skype App

This past May, we introduced Join Say it with Skype, a contest that gave up-and-coming bands and aspiring musicians the chance to be featured in our group video greeting app Say it with Skype. Soon after, we were flooded with tons of unique entries from all corners of the world. From soul singers in New Zealand to grunge rock bands from the U.S. Deep South, we sifted through the vast range of entries and picked out the most notable performances to present to our celebrity judging panel. That panel, comprising of legendary MTV host and music historian Matt Pinfield, Pete Wentz of Black Cards and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, deliberated over the finalists by scoring each of them on their musical merits, creativity and performance skills.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the winner of the contest and the newest band to be featured in the app, The Reel. This pop rock five-piece group based out of Placerville, CA clearly wowed the judges with their catchy winning entry, a candid, stripped-down live rendition of their ballad ‘Made For You’. View their entry video performance below:

So what did the band win? First and foremost, they’re the newest band featured in the Say it with Skype app, exposing them to a new audience of millions of Skype users and giving you the chance to sing along with them as they wish your family members or friends a happy birthday. Check out their video greeting here:

In addition, the band had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talk to all three celebrity judges over a Skype group video call to ask them questions, receive advice about the music industry and learn the best ways to develop their band. The conversation was a valuable exchange, with each judge offering their own take on the group’s music and the keys to succeeding as a professional band. The band members really appreciated the tips and were encouraged by their chat with the judging panel. See the best bits of their group video call below:

Lastly, the band also won a free day in the studio to record some new original material in a professional setting. This will be a chance for the band to polish their sound and give their fans what they know they want most – more terrific tunes.

Our congratulations to The Reel, and welcome to Say it with Skype! Keep an ear out for these guys, because we’ve got a good feeling that you’ll be hearing a lot more from this talented group in the very near future.

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