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Ipri Philadelphia takes LinkedIn marketing to Hungary, with Skype

LinkedIn marketing expert and Skype user Victoria Ipri likes to joke about sticking pins into a world map to mark every client from a foreign country.


Her digital marketing agency, Ipri Philadelphia, helps companies all over the world put their best foot forward on the professional networking site, providing LinkedIn consulting, training and marketing campaigns. Her clients tend to be small companies, or small teams within larger organizations, looking to use LinkedIn to network more effectively, to find vendors, suppliers or new business. Her offerings range from optimizing LinkedIn profiles for highly visible search and setting up LinkedIn company pages to conducting webinars and onsite workshops.

A Philadelphia-based solo practitioner with a virtual team of subcontractors, Ipri credits Skype with her global reach. On any given day she could be collaborating on a video call with a consultant in Jamaica, or chatting with a client in Denmark who is looking to expand into the U.S. and Canada.

“Skype has really shrunk the world,” Ipri says. “With the click of a button you can talk to people anywhere on the planet.”

Ipri maintains a Skype Premium account and uses an online number to make doing business in foreign locales more cost effective. She often relies on screen sharing to get her point across during presentations, and call forwarding allows her to receive calls on her mobile phone if she’s away from her computer.

Recently a client in the UK connected Ipri with a woman from Coaching Without Borders, who invited Ipri to Hungary to present to a group of international companies with Hungarian offices. Coaching Without Borders offers leadership development, intercultural training and executive coaching.

“I don’t see how we could have developed the scope of this presentation without our conversations on Skype,” Ipri says. “It gives me chills every time I talk about it – what a world! I’m traveling overseas to a country I never thought I’d visit to do this presentation, and it all started with a Skype call.”

At a time when so much business is done digitally, Ipri appreciates the opportunity to “meet” face to face over Skype, which she says enhances the conversation and the relationship.

How has Skype enhanced your business relationships? Which features do you count on to do business in other countries? We’d love to hear your experiences, so please share them in the comments below. Or, if we can help you save on communications costs while improving your own reach, contact our chat team.

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