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D: All Things Digital Conference – The Future of Skype, Part 2

At the 10th annual D: All Things Digital Conference, I was fortunate enough to be able to chat with AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher on the final day of the event where I detailed the future of Skype.

A few weeks ago, I reviewed my discussion with Kara about the growth of Skype after we joined forces with Microsoft, and talked about our commitment to recruitment and talent acquisition. In this post, I’ll talk about my discussion with Kara on the product side, our vision to continue being a user-driven company and how this will all drive Skype’s ultimate goal of becoming an essential tool for everyday global communications.

ATD10 2 (image c/o

Our Products
We are focused on our long-term vision of Skype becoming the global communications provider that billions of people rely on every day for sharing their experiences. A key part of achieving this will be the integration of Skype with Microsoft products. We’ve already begun these efforts by releasing Skype for Windows Phone, and we’re currently doubling-down our efforts on Skype for Windows 8.

Another key product growth opportunity is our partnership with Facebook. As we have comparably-sized user bases and similar visions, it was a great step forward enabling people to conduct Facebook-to-Facebook calls from within Skype, and we continue to view this strategic partnership with the utmost importance.

In addition, the importance of mobile and Skype’s commitment to cross-platform accessibility is paramount. While most of the current Skype user activity is on PCs, iPhone is our top platform for downloads, and Android is our fastest-growing platform. We’re hard at work connecting with partners to continue developing products so people can extend their Skype experience to their TVs, phones and even more computers. Most recently, we partnered with Comcast to bring a new HD video calling experience to the living room directly through consumers’ TVs. We also continue to invest in our existing platforms – iOS, Android, Mac – by providing updates and upgrades to the product user interfaces that continue to improve those experiences for all of our users.

The Importance of Our Users
We’re incredibly thankful that Skype’s community of users has grown to be our most passionate brand advocates. As we continue to move forward with the development of new products, features and user interfaces, we’re constantly thinking through this lens: what do our users want, like or need? It is imperative for us to continue to listen to our users in order to maintain the success we’ve had as a company – to be truly user-led in all facets of our business.

As a part of our user-led strategy, we’re continuing work to make Skype available across platforms and devices in order to make regular communication with the people who matter most in their lives, regardless of the location. Skype users can connect with others in the comfort of their home, in their living room, while they’re out and about for errands, during travel, in the office, overseas and at school. Skype is already a part of the inner circle of many of our user’s lives, and our goal is to continue to help them easily communicate with their friends and loved ones every day, at anytime, anywhere.

For additional coverage, you can view the full Q&A session video below or head over to AllThingsD.

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