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Call for Entries: Skype, Pete Wentz, Ryan Tedder and Matt Pinfield are Looking for the Next "Say it with Skype" App House Band

Attention unsigned bands: Skype is looking for the next big music act! As a continuation of our Say it with Skype campaign, we're giving unsigned bands a chance at stardom: they can become part of the Say it with Skype app as the new house band. Read more

Six ways to control communications costs with Skype

As a small business owner, you've seen firsthand how communications costs can stack up quickly. Problem is, small businesses need professional communication tools, but without a hefty price tag or the burden of heavy IT involvement. So, what should you… Read more

Armed Forces Members Serving Overseas use Skype to Witness the Birth of their Children

In light of Memorial Day, we've been thinking a lot about how military members and their families – whether they're veterans or those on active duty – have used Skype to communicate across long distances. A recent trend has demonstrated… Read more


Skypeでできることはたくさんありますが、遠くにいる家族や友達に、Skypeを使って物語を話してみるのはいかがですか? 自分が住んでいる地域に関係のある物語を話したり、または自分が体験したことを面白く、物語のように話したりすれば、遠く離れ Read more

What would you see if you video called the world this June?

Use Skype to video call friends and family in June. Download Skype now and enjoy free video calls to other Skype users across the world. Read more

Precisa de ajuda? Conheça melhor a Support Network do Skype

Muitas vezes os usuários do Skype chegam ao blog com dúvidas ou problemas relacionados às suas contas do Skype. Em alguns casos eu posso ajudar, quando se trata, por exemplo, de como acessar alguns dos recursos do Skype ou como… Read more

Monthly Round-Up: Celebrities Using Skype

Skype is everywhere! While we often talk about the great stories of how every-day users and businesses are connecting using Skype, it's also frequently used by another key set of people – celebrities and pop-culture figures. This month, we wanted… Read more

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