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Vacation plans? Try these tips to keep your business connected

It’s summer, at last. Are you wishing for white sandy beaches, cool mountain air or faraway places, but don’t see how you can get away? Indeed, the reality of today’s 24/7 work life is that business owners often do need to stay connected, even while enjoying some well-deserved time off.

Don’t let that stop you – instead, try out our time-tested strategies for using Skype to stay in touch, whether you’re visiting Disneyland, Dubai or somewhere in between.

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  • Skype can be used on smartphones running Windows Phone7, IOS and Android. Make sure it’s installed (and practice using it!) before you depart.
  • Be sure to contact your mobile provider to find out what you will be charged when you switch your phone on at your destination. Combining Skype, Skype WiFi and the best deals from your provider can help to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you get home.
  • Skype subscription costs are based on the destination you call, not where you call from. Before you head out, make sure you have a subscription related to the geographic region of colleagues you call the most, to ensure maximum savings.
  • Skype WiFi lets you purchase internet connectivity globally, using your Skype credit. That way, you don’t have to establish a new relationship with a WiFi access provider in each new country. A good option if you’re visiting multiple locales.
  • If you won’t have Internet connectivity where you’re going, a Skype To Go number means you can still use Skype to make low-cost calls from a cell phone or landline. You simply let Skype know the number you want to call — say for an important client — and Skype To Go assigns a number with an area code you choose, that will automatically connect to that client’s phone when you dial it.
  • Remember that your list of Skype contacts travels with you. If you have a computer at your destination, log in to your Skype account when you arrive, and all your account info will be available, just as it is at home.
  • Finally, your Skype status is a good way give your colleagues quick updates, including the time zone you’re currently in (avoid getting those 2 a.m. work calls!) and, most importantly, how much you’re enjoying your time away.

And if your idea of vacation means a leisurely week at home….

Skype Premium with group video calling and group screen sharing lets you run productive, face-to-face meetings without even leaving your backyard.

How will you be using Skype to stay connected on summer vacation? Share your story in the comments, below. Or, if you’d like to learn more, contact Skype’s mobility team.

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