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Webinar recap: "How Skype Helps Small Businesses Play Bigger in the Cloud"

What do small businesses need to do in this economy? Well it turns out it’s pretty much as you’d expect – cash makes the difference between success and failure – so, as a small business owner, you’re trying to do anything you can to save the stuff. During our most recent webinar, “How Skype Helps Small Businesses Play Bigger in the Cloud,” my co-presenter Matt Brunk, a specialist in small business communications and regular blogger, shared statistics on the number of small businesses that fail in their first year and listed a few things small businesses should watch out for:

1. Real estate rental
2. Travel expense
3. Year-long contractual engagements
4. Telecommunications costs

Entrepreneurs want to project the most professional image possible for their businesses, but it’s understandably hard to determine how best to do it, considering these challenges. The old rule that you have to invest to succeed can end up costing you your business if you get the mix wrong. The current trend towards IT and communications applications delivered over the cloud allow small businesses to get the productivity they need without those energy-sapping sunk costs.

We looked at how Skype addressed all four of Matt’s points above so that a small business can:

1. Control costs for yourself or the whole team
2. Improve performance by collaborating at Skype speed
3. Build relationships and make sure you get your message across with features like group screen sharing

Skype may be just what small businesses need right now, providing the right blend of tools to ensure low operating expenses and minimal capital expenses for the best ROI. We shared a few ways businesses can start “working at Skype speed,” today, like instant messaging, persistent group chats, online numbers, group video calls, or document and screen sharing.

As usual with Skype’s business webinars, there were lively questions from those who attended on topics like security/privacy, value add applications like auto-attendant queues and Lync interoperability.

If you weren’t able to join us, you can access a recording on your own time. Otherwise, we’d love to hear your feedback, so please feel free to leave your comments below. If you have questions or would like to talk about ways Skype can help you work smarter, you can reach us at

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