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Bring your phone to life with Skype on Android

Skype is one of the world’s favourite Android apps. In fact more people than ever now use Skype to keep in touch through their mobile devices. With an app you use this often; you’ll obviously want to make smart use of all its capabilities. So read on to discover how Skype can make calling from your Android device quicker, cheaper and more fun!

1. Use Skype from your phonebook
Did you know you can use Skype straight from the phone dialer app, without even opening Skype? Long press on the contact for the context menu to appear and then complete the action by using Skype. Here’s how:

Android Tip 1.png

2. Make a Skype video call to your favourite person in one click
Just add your favourite person* as a contact shortcut to your phone home screen, and set a Skype video call as the default action. Once you’ve done this, a simple click on the contact will start a video call. Smile!

Android Tip 2.png
*only available on Android phones that allow for home screen contact shortcuts

3. Save money on international calls by using Skype as the default dialer
Skype calls are low cost. Just go through your contact book and set Skype as the default dialer for all your international numbers. Next time you get in touch, your call will be routed through Skype. If you’re signed out, Skype will automatically log you back in and call the number for you.

Android Tip 3.png

4. Share videos, photos and files of any size
Select the photo, video or file you want to share and click on ‘Share via Skype’. This will open the Skype application. Then select the Skype contacts you want to share the items with and click ‘Send’. That’s all there is to it. Take a look at our two examples of how to share your favourite photos:

Example 1:

Android Tip 4.png

Example 2:

Android Tip 4a.png

5. Receive videos and files on Skypee
You can also receive files of any size on Skype – more than one file at a time if you want. When someone sends you a file, simply click on ‘Accept’ to start the download, then ‘Open’ to view the video or file. You’ll find the file in the download folder.

Android Tip 5.png

6. Liven up your video calls
It’s a simple move, but it makes video calling that much more interactive.Double tap on your own picture to swap the cameras. Alternative is to tap to bring up the controls, and then tap the ‘swap camera’ button.

Android Tip 6.png

7. Group chat with as many people you like
Want to include more people in an on-going chat on Skype? Simply click on ‘Add’ in the context menu to add more friends (as many as you like) to your chat. You can manage the participants and add a topic from the menu on the top.

Android Tip 7.png

8. Type something wrong?
No need to re-write everything or apologize for a simple typo. Simply edit what you’ve written by long-pressing on a recent IM.

Android Tip 8.png

9. Want to do more?
You can find a shortcut for everything Skype has to offer from the context menu. Long-press a contact name in your phone book to open a menu of actions you can carry out – like ‘Skype Call’ or ‘Video Call’, for example. Then simply choose what you want to do next and go for it. 

Android Tip 9.png

Don’t yet have Skype on your phone? Download the latest Skype for Android app from Google Play, or just scan the QR code below.
We also love hearing your thoughts and questions. Visit our Skype Support Network or tweet your Skype for Android questions to @Skype.

Android Relaunch QR.png

NOTE: All screenshots were taken using an HTC One S or a Samsung Galaxy S II.

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