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Skype 4.0 for Linux

First off, we’d like to thank our Skype for Linux users for your patience awaiting Skype 4.0 for Linux, codenamed ‘Four Rooms for Improvement,’ which is now available. With this release, we have finally filled the gap with our other desktop clients and we are now making many of the latest Skype features, as well as a lot of UI improvements, available to our penguin lovers.

You will find four major changes in this release:

  1. We have a new Conversations View where users can easily track all of their chats in a unified window. Those users who prefer the old view can disable this in the Chat options;
  2. We have a brand new Call View;
  3. Call quality has never been better thanks to several investments we made in improving audio quality; and
  4. We’ve worked on improving video call quality and have also extended support for more cameras.

Of course, we have loads of other small improvements and fixes. As you can imagine, the list is so long it would take too much time to write it all, but some are worthy of mention:

  • improved chat synchronization
  • new presence and emoticon icons
  • the ability to store and view phone numbers in a Skype contact’s profile
  • much lower chance Skype for Linux will crash or freeze
  • chat history loading is now much faster
  • support for two new languages: Czech (flag:cz) and Norwegian (flag:no)

Note, the very first time you start Skype for Linux 4.0 might take a few minutes (depending on how lengthy your chat history is). Please do not close Skype during this time. Subsequent starts will load much more quickly.

So what are you waiting for? Try the new version of Skype for Linux and let us know what you like and what you don’t like. Please report any issues or share your feedback in our Support Network or our public issue tracker so we can make the Skype for Linux experience even better.

Marco, KC and the Linux team

Skype for Linux is available in the following languages:
Brazilian Portuguese (Eduardo Porto Teixeira), Bulgarian (Nikolay Filipov & Nikolina Filipova), Czech (Alexandr Kara), Estonian, French (Cédric Lamouche), German (Claudius Henrichs), Italian (Marco Cimmino), Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian (Viktoras Kriukovas), Norwegian (Alexander Stevenson), Polish (Karol Szastok), Portuguese (Francisco Miguel Ferreira), Romanian, Russian (Pavel Shevchuk), Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish (Ömer Emin Dede), Ukrainian (Oleh Nykyforchyn)

Update 17.06.2012:
Generic packages are now available.

397 thoughts on “Skype 4.0 for Linux

  1. danc2heaven said 4 years ago

    Hello Marco, there was a user back in mid June that commented on here about why his chat history was being saved although in the options he has chat history disabled but you never replied to him. I am running Ubuntu 12.04 with Skype 4 and am having the same problem, although I disabled the Chat history in the options my chat history is still being saved. Why is this? Is there a way to manually delete the chat history?

  2. everashraf said 4 years ago

    Skype with multiple instance with Ubuntu v12.0
    I like skype from the beginning, and i more like skype with multiple instance.
    Here i am good with multiple skype account and ubuntu v12.0.

    Just got to the terminal and
    paste this code

    skype –dbpath=~/.Skype [first instance]
    skype –dbpath=~/.Skype.second [second instance]
    skype –dbpath=~/.Skype.third [third instance]
    and? many more


  3. arek.morele said 4 years ago

    still need fedora 64bit rpm

  4. tyrin.price said 4 years ago

    Thanks for the update. It looks nicer. I cannot figure out how to turn off my camera view, though. I like the option to turn my own camera view off. That option appears to have been lost in this update.

    • Marco Cimmino said 4 years ago

      Correct, it is not longer possible in the new UI.

  5. greghodson said 4 years ago

    So far v. 4 looks nice – I am looking forward to trying out sound and video quality. I would add my vote to those requesting a send button for the chat box – I think the Windows software has this and it can be very helpful on occasions! Keep up the good work!

  6. alex_koval said 4 years ago

    Looks better, but on all mine and my friend computers it works only for a few days at max, after this it is starting to segfault, and so I had to revert back to 2.x version.

    • Marco Cimmino said 4 years ago

      alex_koval does the MD5 of the binary change by any chance? If yes then is your system’s fault that changes it.

  7. consolationm said 4 years ago

    Installed .8 via repo on 64bit Ubuntu 12.10

    Why is the 64bit version running in 32bit mode and pulling in a shed load of 32bit libs!? Surely it can’t be that hard to compile it for 64bit and use 64 bit dependencies? I’ve gone to some effort to keep my system single arch. As a kludge I have to run Skype in a VM. Really, really annoying. It’s doubly annoying because the fix is so simple…

    Any chance of an, even most approximate, ETA on an actual 64bit version?

  8. hhielscher1 said 4 years ago

    If I’d buy skype premium, would I be able to use group video calling?

  9. dimitri_jhb said 4 years ago

    So, i’m trying to understand, since technologically there is no reason for it, why have you deprived Linux users of common functionality found in the Windows versions? Skype was never meant to be “OS-specific” and unfortunately it seems now it is.

    No proper 64-bit support, no group video calling on the paid-for versions, and a host of other things.

    I’m not sure if its Microsoft’s way to install 32-bit libs to run 64-bit apps, but some of us like our systems free of unnecessary libraries. So I’m asking what the previous person did – when can we expect a 64-bit version? (that works) and when will Skype for Linux actually be SKYPE, not a scaled-down version.

    • Marco Cimmino said 4 years ago

      @dimitri_jhb So where did you see the 64bit version of Skype for Windows? Now I am curious too.
      Skype for Linux (as the other platforms) is compiled for 32bit but with the proper 32bit libraries pulled and installed works just fine on 64bit OS.

  10. nael_luciano said 4 years ago

    we need a skype users with better user interface and integration with Facebook as the version of windows many people do not use it because it is proprietary software but intuitive and attractive as in windows and linux so bad as most users would have skype and I think that it suits microsoft but now with his campaign for more users.

  11. nael_luciano said 4 years ago

    remember that all mac prefer not to be better than windows but as a decent operating system and beautiful and that’s what we need in a skype linux attractive poreso is my point

  12. dimitri_jhb said 4 years ago

    @marco – no there is no 64-bit Skype for windows, but windows runs it in 32-bit mode. My point was why do it that way and not just compile a 64-bit version, including such for Linux? Then one would not need 32-bit libs to run it. I’ll see how it runs with 32-libs on Debian, just would have preferred to avoid it though.

  13. dimitri_jhb said 4 years ago

    @marco ok i found a solution, over here : for 64-bit Debian users who DONT want the multi-arch (32-bit architecture) look at the second option, the non-Multi-Arch, it basically gets you 32-bit libs packaged under 64-bit libraries so you are still running 64-bit libs but they are emulating the 32-bit ones needed for Skype.

    That worked fine for me and Skype is installed and running without needing 32-bit architecture installed.

    • Marco Cimmino said 4 years ago

      @dimitri_jhb Multi-arch is not any 32-bit architecture, is the new Debian way to pull 32 bit version of any package without conflicts instead of having compatibility monster package like Debian 6.0 had. Multiarch is a big and welcome change which probably should have been there since day 0.

  14. allar03 said 4 years ago

    I would like to install skype(fedora17 64bit) as easy as google chrome on fresh fedora 17.
    Keep up the good work.

  15. digital.daniel said 4 years ago

    I have version and it has begun crashing with the following conditions.

    I have my webcam is already showing
    The caller starts their webcam.

    Skype crashes, and I’m logged out of ubuntu.
    If my camera is not on first, there doesn’t appear to be a problem.

    I have started saving log files. I hope someone can help me. I’m using ubuntu 10.10

  16. clicstory said 4 years ago

    Working fine on Debian 64, thanks a lot !

  17. annache said 4 years ago

    HI, Skype on my laptop keeps freezing, also in chat.
    Sometimes it’s a continuous thing, I need killing and starting it after only a line of text.
    I upgraded from Skype 2.2 to (64 bit) but nothing changed.
    I’ve a Linux Ubuntu 12.04 Release 12.04 (precise) 64-bit
    Kernel Linux 3.2.0-22-generic
    I use KDE.


  18. thindi1 said 4 years ago

    I like it that the chats are now combined in one window. However, what absolutely bothers me is that the minimum width is far too big. It takes up about 3/4 of my netbook screen. Is there a way to reduce it to my liking?
    Would also be nice if the user could decide whether the list of chats should be on the left or the right side of the chat window.
    Cheers and keep up the good work

  19. sandor.laci said 4 years ago

    It would be great if I could set Skype to go full screen automatically when it takes a video call. I set up an Ubuntu laptop for my 85-year-old grandma on the other side of the Atlantic, to whom Skype is obviously one of the major attractions. However, as I never received calls during the installations, I just realized I never showed her how to take call full screen. So all my HD calls in the last two years resulted in postage stamp-sized videos. Sad.
    By the way, if I we had a few screenshots where I could show here what she says during calls and which button she is supposed to click, that would help a lot. (I am not on Linux myself, I cannot make the screenshot.)

    • Marco Cimmino said 4 years ago

      @sandor.laci pressing ‘F’ key should be enough easy for everyone.

  20. sembagdod said 4 years ago

    login using multiple account was very important feature in 2.2 and need to be added in 4.0

  21. ioan.camil.bancioiu said 4 years ago

    @Marco Cimmino
    We, Linux users, are quite hard to please I respect your patience, and I hope you have a big supply of it. I’m really glad there’s now version 4 for Linux, regardless of any shortcomings. I’m about to try it right now.

  22. annache said 4 years ago

    @marco Could someone help with my problem? Please see post on 26 september.

  23. gernot2270 said 4 years ago

    Thanks for the new version, I am on Debian unstalbe 64-bit and could not install 64-bit version. But using multi-arch works fine:
    # dpkg –add-architecture i386
    # apt-get update
    (get the i386 SkyPE Debian package)
    # dpkg -i skype-install.deb
    # apt-get install -f

  24. nael_luciano said 4 years ago

    @marco cimmino it is that for Windows and Mac is a new beta version to test and not linux?

  25. damonlynch said 4 years ago

    Thank you for you work on improving Skype on Linux. I have used Skype for many years (and paid for plenty of Skype to landline calls). I look forward to the next iteration of your team’s work.

  26. aftabnaveed said 4 years ago

    what a nice treat.

  27. bill.west9 said 4 years ago

    Looks nice, but had to go back to because of lack of separate audio streams for ringtone and call. Use headphones for call, but I don’t wear them all the time, so the ringtone has to go to the speakers. Can make this happen with 2.2, not with 4.0. Thanks for all your work anyway.

  28. jpxsat said 4 years ago

    I’m using Skype on Ubuntu 10.04 and it works absolutely perfect!!
    Tried on the same machine Skype 2.2 and it didn’t work at all. Upgraded a few weeks ago and I’m so pleased with the results (really, not a single crash or anything weird!)
    Thanks Skype team It was worth the wait!

  29. lemmke.ari said 4 years ago

    Absolutely hate this single chat window thang thingy.

    Do have continuously multiple chats going on p2p only.
    Don’t need any IRC replacement because using IRC (have used since ’88).

    Please supply real x86_64 version for Linux – not those 32-bit c**p versions.

  30. craig1001 said 4 years ago

    Has there been any updates to Skype 4.0 to make it useable with Linux Mint 13 yet? I’m thinking of:-
    1) being able to use Pulse Audio properly to set ringing through main speakers but calls through headset.
    2) support for Creative WebCam.
    3) being able to share screens properly.

    I had to go back to Skype to get any sensible use out of it. I use it for business and am a paying customer.

    I don’t have the time to try out the latest version again only to have to reinstall the beta. Call quality over the last couple of weeks is getting worse generally as well by the way.

  31. zeljkosubotic said 4 years ago

    My Skype icon doesn’t show in system tray (but it’s checked to be shown, in Options). Does anyone know how should I solve this problem?

  32. robert.lanning.symc said 4 years ago

    I use the skype4pidgin chat plugin, as I am connected to 5 different chat networks.

    With this latest update ( the chat messages are unreliable via the Public API.

    This issue is cross platform involving the Public API in Mac/Windows/Linux.
    The bug is logged here:

  33. nael_luciano said 4 years ago

    Windows and Mac is updated to version 6, there will be update for Linux?

  34. pkats15 said 4 years ago

    Thanks for supporting linux!!!

  35. jafarreb said 4 years ago

    I really am unable to understand, if you already have made the effort to release a 64-bit version of skype for ubuntu, why there isn’t a 64-bit version for other distros (or just generic).
    I personally am waiting (too) for a Fedora 64-bit version.

  36. jafarreb said 4 years ago

    By the way, while we only have 64-bit versions for .deb packages, I’ve seen there are people with problems to install the rpm in a 64-but fedora.
    There’s a very straight-forward way to install it with all the required dependencies:

    Instead of using rpm -i, use yum localinstall. It’ll download (almost) all dependencies.

    The only packages that you might miss (it isn’t strictly a dependency, so it’s logical that it isn’t automatically installed) is pulse package, if you’re using pulse, and then you get a skype without sound (curious, shouldn’t alsa still work?).

    You just need yum install alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.i686 and it’ll work like magic.

  37. genki-adrian said 4 years ago

    I actually wanted to comment on the MSN Messenger/Skype accounts merger blog entry, but I am not allowed to, so I’m leaving my message here:

    This blog post is irritating and wrong.

    You didn’t integrate anything (yet), you extended Skype for Windows and Mac (hey, what about Linux and the rest of the crowd?) to speak the MSNPv19 protocol (I bet it isn’t even v19 but anything less).

    I have upgraded Skype running in a Windows XP virtual machine to 6.0, merged my Skype and MSN account and can still happily login into both services separately using third party clients like Pidgin or the Skype version on Linux.

    Furthermore, my Skype contacts don’t show up in Windows Live Messenger and my Windows Live contacts don’t show in Skype *unless* I’m using Skype 6.0 on Windows or MacOS.

    Thus, you guys did clearly NOT merge Skype and MSN accounts, but you just extended Skype to speak the MSNP protocol something which any decent third-party client has been able to do for years.

    Most people don’t use the original client but clients like Pidgin which allow them to log on to ICQ, GTalk, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo Messenger and so on simultaneously.

    Seriously, this isn’t really something to brag about and write a blog post, it’s just embarrassing.

    But hey, at least you managed to throw out an updated Skype version for Linux ever since Microsoft bought Skype.

  38. radovan.rockov said 4 years ago

    Can we expect new version for Linux soon (with LiveMessenger integration) ?

  39. martin.bleach said 4 years ago


    Very good to Skype going bigger & better. But I’ve just tried on Fedora 17 and the ‘Share Screen’ shares but freezes the window; you can’t do anything except unshare, change it, share again, unshare, …

    Is this just me?! That is, is anyone else able to use the screen once it’s been shared?



  40. ronjouch said 4 years ago

    Hi Marco.

    GNOME shows interest in polishing the Skype experience under Shell. Allan Day, one of the core GNOME designers, recently created a Skype Message Tray Integration wiki page containing detailed proposals & mockups to improve Skype/Shell integration.

    The GNOME folks are doing astounding work with Shell, I sincerely hope you’ll find time to collaborate with them to push forward the ideas proposed here by Allan. They’re hanging around on irc:// and I’m sure they’ll be very glad to talk .

    Thanks for your work on Skype for Linux.

  41. nael_luciano said 4 years ago

    seems we do not deserve an answer to our questions …..

  42. said 4 years ago


  43. quireditexfavilla said 4 years ago

    Skype 6 linux??

  44. deadlyellowsnow said 4 years ago

    Skype 4.1 is out!?!?! Maybe the VPN issue above is solved? That’d be great! Let’s cross fingers and check..! Thanks devs!

  45. alex.hultman said 4 years ago

    We need bigger icons! 48x48px is not enough for the modern GNOME 3 desktop! And the tray icon is also too small!

  46. kristianwedmark said 4 years ago

    Would be neat with a better place to put suggestions and feedback than comment field in a blog…

    But here goes:
    * Development of Skype for Linux is going in the right direction (New login screen), is the current development gaining on the Windows/Mac client in terms of User Interface?
    * Where are we suppose to post bug/feedback posts? Mail it to a email address, if so, which?
    * Would be nice with trac or something so we can be updated regarding bugs and you guys don’t have to be hammered over and over regarding that one same bug more than 100 peeps are having.

  47. nael_luciano said 4 years ago

    hi marco!
    congratulations on this new update skype linux equipping with the integration of live messenger so maintaining equality on all platforms regarding this feature, just need to improve some bugs and improve the GUI of skype for linux as it is very old and not this taste of linux users will hopefully note this comment by the rest congratulations on your great work and thanks to support linux.

  48. deadlyellowsnow said 4 years ago


    > Where are we suppose to post bug/feedback posts?

    You’re possibly looking for

  49. javiercerecer said 4 years ago

    Thanks MSFT ! keep it up.

  50. albertojimenezramiro said 4 years ago

    Debian multiarch package doesnt seems to install in 64 bits debian. Wrong architecture is the error.

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