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Skype 4.0 for Linux

First off, we’d like to thank our Skype for Linux users for your patience awaiting Skype 4.0 for Linux, codenamed ‘Four Rooms for Improvement,’ which is now available. With this release, we have finally filled the gap with our other desktop clients and we are now making many of the latest Skype features, as well as a lot of UI improvements, available to our penguin lovers.

You will find four major changes in this release:

  1. We have a new Conversations View where users can easily track all of their chats in a unified window. Those users who prefer the old view can disable this in the Chat options;
  2. We have a brand new Call View;
  3. Call quality has never been better thanks to several investments we made in improving audio quality; and
  4. We’ve worked on improving video call quality and have also extended support for more cameras.

Of course, we have loads of other small improvements and fixes. As you can imagine, the list is so long it would take too much time to write it all, but some are worthy of mention:

  • improved chat synchronization
  • new presence and emoticon icons
  • the ability to store and view phone numbers in a Skype contact’s profile
  • much lower chance Skype for Linux will crash or freeze
  • chat history loading is now much faster
  • support for two new languages: Czech (flag:cz) and Norwegian (flag:no)

Note, the very first time you start Skype for Linux 4.0 might take a few minutes (depending on how lengthy your chat history is). Please do not close Skype during this time. Subsequent starts will load much more quickly.

So what are you waiting for? Try the new version of Skype for Linux and let us know what you like and what you don’t like. Please report any issues or share your feedback in our Support Network or our public issue tracker so we can make the Skype for Linux experience even better.

Marco, KC and the Linux team

Skype for Linux is available in the following languages:
Brazilian Portuguese (Eduardo Porto Teixeira), Bulgarian (Nikolay Filipov & Nikolina Filipova), Czech (Alexandr Kara), Estonian, French (Cédric Lamouche), German (Claudius Henrichs), Italian (Marco Cimmino), Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian (Viktoras Kriukovas), Norwegian (Alexander Stevenson), Polish (Karol Szastok), Portuguese (Francisco Miguel Ferreira), Romanian, Russian (Pavel Shevchuk), Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish (Ömer Emin Dede), Ukrainian (Oleh Nykyforchyn)

Update 17.06.2012:
Generic packages are now available.

397 thoughts on “Skype 4.0 for Linux

  1. cpanceac said 4 years ago

    Installing the new skype ( ) in f17 x64 drags in a lot of deps, among them the i686 version of systemd, which i expect will just make a mess so i’ve just canceled the install.

  2. mattsamudio said 4 years ago

    After reading this entire thread, I’d like to make two suggestions:

    First, all this “confusion” over 64 vs. 32 bits could be avoided if we simply had accurately-described releases. My understanding is that so far, skype is 32-bit software *only*, and should thus be released and labeled as such. The fact that it runs fine in 64-bit OS distributions that support running 32-bit software is completely beside the point.

    Second, I’d like to reiterate (and reinforce, if possible) the request(s) for a native 64-bit release. Many of us unix users run distributions that are either not 32-bit friendly, or present excessive hassle/headache in enabling 32-bit compatibility. A 64-bit build with statically-linked 64-bit dependencies and fairly generic installation footprint that would work across all/most linux distributions would be preferrable.

    Thanks for your product, work, and attention.

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