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Father's Day Spotlight: Children Reconnecting with Dad on Skype

Father’s Day, an annual holiday honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, is this Sunday. While some people will be lucky enough to see their dad or granddad in person this weekend, many others will be too far away to spend the special day with them. Luckily with Skype video calling, families separated by long-distances no longer need to let the miles between them hinder the joy of Father’s Day. Whether it is a virtual Father’s Day brunch, a quick video call to say “Happy Father’s Day!” to dad face-to-face, or a Group Video Call with all your uncles, Skype video calling is an easy way to spend quality time together.

In honor of Father’s Day, we wanted to share some inspiring stories we’ve seen surrounding fathers connecting with their children from afar via Skype. Just last week, one high school student had a graduation surprise when his father deployed in Afghanistan, Capt. Daniel Forney of the U.S. Navy, was able to see him graduate through Skype. Thanks to Pete Forney’s high school friends, the school was able to set up a laptop and connect Capt. Forney with the high school gymnasium during this momentous moment in his son’s life. After he graduated with dad virtually by his side, Pete Forney commented to The Burgs, “I was almost in tears, but I held it back. I know that he wanted to be here, so it’s nice that he got to watch.”

In addition to special events such as graduations and weddings, special moments between dads and their children happen every day on Skype. Last month, we saw the great story surrounding another deployed father who has been able to watch his son’s high school basketball games via Skype. With Skype for iPhone, the foreman stationed in Afghanistan could cheer on his son throughout the basketball season and even have post-game chats. Learn more about this great story by watching the video below.

Blog Photo 2.png

Are you planning to see dad this Father’s Day via Skype? Leave a comment and share with us.

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