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Answers to Your Top Skype for PS Vita Questions – #SkypeListens

When we launched Skype for Playstation Vita (PS Vita) in April, the reception we received from our users and the gaming community was amazing. At Skype, we’re so appreciative of our passionate and avid users, and we provide as many opportunities as possible to answer your questions. In the past, we’ve hosted several #SkypeTalks live chat sessions to address your requests regarding Skype for Android and Skype for Mac, and continually ask for your feedback to solve common issues.

We’ve seen the questions and feedback regarding Skype on PS Vita that you’ve posted on our Facebook page, across Twitter and on the Skype Support Network. In this blog post, we will address the most frequently-asked Skype for PS Vita questions from you, our users:

How do I download/install Skype on PS Vita?

Skype for PS Vita is available as a free download from the PlayStation Network (PSN). Simply log in to PSN, find Skype for PS Vita in the “Social” area, and follow the instructions to download and install the application.

To run Skype, your PS Vita device must have a Sony PS Vita memory card installed. Skype requires a minimum of 60 MB of free space on the memory card to operate.

Finally, to use Skype you should log in with your existing Skype account or you can create a new account at

I’m getting an error: “Skype has run out of memory because you have too many contacts. You will now be signed out.” How can I fix this?

This is an issue that the Skype user community has pointed out to us – we want you to know that we are actively working on a solution and it is our HIGHEST priority issue to solve.

In most cases, this issue is only occurring for Skype accounts that have 150 or more contacts (please note that this number includes any blocked contacts, too), however the Skype community is reporting other instances that cause the problem.

If you’re encountering this error and would like to help our team find a fix, please click here to read about how you can contribute on the Skype Support Network:

How do I create a new Skype account on PS Vita?

You cannot create a new Skype account on your PS Vita. To sign in to Skype on PS Vita, you need an existing Skype account. If you don’t already have one, create a Skype account on

PS Vita

Why can’t I add contacts?

In release 1.0 of Skype for PS Vita, you are able to accept and reject an incoming contact requests. However, it is not possible to search and add new Skype contacts or phone numbers. We expect this feature to be available in a future release.

Can I receive Skype calls while I’m playing a game? Can I be on a Skype call with my friends while playing a game?

Yes, you can receive Skype calls while you’re playing a game, but you can’t be on a call while actively playing a game. To make or receive a call, you have to pause the game and go to the Skype app. You can return to your game when the call has finished.
After you launch and sign in to Skype, you can press the PS button PS Button to minimize Skype. If somebody calls you, an alert message will appear in the upper right corner of the screen to notify you of the incoming call and the caller name (if available). Simply press the PS button to pause the game and a message will appear asking if you want to accept/reject the call. When you click Accept Call, Skype will launch, and the call will start in audio mode only. To use video, you need to turn your web camera on. After the call, you can minimize Skype and continue your game from where you left off.

It’s important to note that a select few PS Vita games (like Uncharted) automatically disable WiFi and 3G to maximize CPU (central processing unit) and memory resources, and also to minimize power usage. In these cases, Skype will go offline and you will be unable to receive incoming calls.

Why is there no Messaging feature? Will Skype for PS Vita support IM/Messaging in the future?

Please keep in mind that this is only version 1.0 of Skype for PS Vita and we expect updated releases in the future. Voice and Video Calling are Skype’s most frequently-used features across all devices, and as such our core focus was to get these offerings on PS Vita working well.

Currently, Skype on PS Vita supports the following features:

  • Skype-to-Skype voice calling
  • Calling phones and mobiles (you will need a subscription or a little Skype Credit)
  • Video calling with the front or rear camera
  • Participating in conference calls (voice only)
  • Keep Skype running in Background mode while you play or use other applications
  • Connecting via WiFi or 3G networks
  • Accepting or rejecting incoming contact requests
  • Receiving calls to your Online Number

Have a question that wasn’t answered in this post? Please post it on the Skype Support Network community or tell us on Twitter by including the #SkypeListens hashtag in your tweet.

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