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User Feedback Wanted: Skype and Bluetooth Headsets for iOS, Android

The Skype Support Network has proven to be an invaluable tool for Skype users to help one another and to get great advice from our experts. But every now and then, we notice that a bigger issue crops up where we need to get more detailed information before we fix a problem.

Over the past few months, we have heard continued feedback from people using Bluetooth devices together with Skype for iOS and Skype for Android. While some users can perform Skype calls with a Bluetooth headset without any issues, others can’t get the headset to be recognised within the app. Our developers spent quite some time in improving the support within the app, but obviously we can’t test every combination of mobile phone and Bluetooth devices. That’s where you and the Skype community, comes into play: we would like ask you to tell us which are the most popular (and most problematic) devices that we should look into and fix to work with Skype.

We’ll be gathering your feedback over the next 7 days. Then both the Android and iOS development teams will look into and prioritise fixes for those specific Bluetooth devices. You’ll be able to get feedback and ask Bluetooth questions from both the iOS and Android team via a #Skypetalks session on June 15th.

If you’ve had Skype Bluetooth problems (or examples of when Bluetooth works well over Skype), please post your feedback to one of the following Bluetooth message boards:

Click here to provide feedback for Bluetooth on Skype for Android

Click here to provide feedback for Bluetooth on Skype for iOS

4 thoughts on “User Feedback Wanted: Skype and Bluetooth Headsets for iOS, Android

  1. tonymurray8 said 4 years ago

    Plantronics P590 will not work with skype . tried test call, worked for a couple of seconds ,with clear voice from skype tester, then nothing!

  2. rykellim said 4 years ago

    Skype for Android
    Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset MW600
    Samsung Galaxy Note
    Android 4.0.4

    Audio works but NOT the microphone.
    Workaround: Restart Bluetooth headset in the middle of a Skype call.
    Result: Microphone works BUT the audio and voice quality is BAD and LAGGY.

    Please advise?

  3. anniempet said 4 years ago

    I bought a set of Logitech wireless headphones for use with my iPad, they paired successfully and I could play music but could not use them with Skype so took back to shop.

    Today I bought a Rapoo H6060 wireless headset and I have the same problem. When I go to Skype I don’t get an option to choose either the iPad or the headset for my call.

    Any help would be appreciated before I take these back to the shop and give up completely with Skype, thanks

  4. I have the same problem with my POP Phone from Native Union: the device pairs with the iPad3 successfully, but Skype does not illuminate the Bluetooth icon when the call is made – Skype does not give me the Bluetooth option. Skype does not recognize Bluetooth on the iPad. Note: latest versions of iOS and Skype installed.

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