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Making the most of Skype for business

Greetings to our Skype Community! My name is Barry Castle and I’m the Product Marketing Manager for Skype’s business solutions. One of the ways we’re helping small businesses learn how to make the most of Skype is through webinars, and our next one is right around the corner. I hope you’ll take a minute to sign up.

May 17: Skype and Small Business: A Marriage Made in Heaven

A longtime user of Skype for business and blogger, Jim Courtney will offer a look at how you can save money, boost productivity and build relationships by accelerating collaboration with Skype.

Find out more and register.


For support, our chat team can help you decide which products might best suit your needs. You can reach the live chat team by going to: between 9 AM and 7:30 PM EST. (Visitors from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Canada and USA are supported)

One thought on “Making the most of Skype for business

  1. gittahamel said 4 years ago

    Two questions:

    We want to share screens with a number of our resellers. Shared calling is free but sharing screens is not. I don’t mind to pay but we need this only once or twice a year. Which choice is then the best?

    Second question:
    We want to tape the screen and audio talks for a few that cannot sit into the session. Can we do that? if so, How?

    Thanks for letting me know.


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