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Skype wants to help small businesses connect and grow

If you’re an entrepreneur or working in a small business that’s looking to grow, wouldn’t it be great to find a place online where you can make new connections easily – potential partners, suppliers, or customers anywhere in the world – then instantly send a message, talk, or even meet face-to-face over Skype? Perhaps you’re a start-up consultant looking to promote your services, or maybe a branding guru eager to share your expertise?

If so, then Skype in the workspace is for you.

Millions of people already count on Skype in their professional lives to stay connected, save money, and work more effectively with others. As a natural extension of this, we’re making it easier for you to explore, find and connect with others when you’re on Skype with the introduction of a new community – Skype in the workspace.

For now, Skype in the workspace is an invite-only beta community where you can promote your business to potential customers, suppliers or partners, find other experts and consultants who can help you, and instantly connect on Skype.

We’re looking for a limited number of participants to be a part of this beta and help us test, push, and stretch Skype in the workplace to its limits.

If selected to participate, you have the first opportunity to provide feedback to shape the community and impact the experience to benefit you and other businesses. And as we improve Skype in the workspace, we’ll open it up to more people.

Request for an invite now to get in on the ground floor before everyone else – get on our list by completing the form here. If you are one of the selected participants, we will send your invite to join soon.

We want to help you make more business connections soon!

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