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Skype and The Education Foundation Partner to Launch The Learning Lab

Recently, I announced the work Skype is doing with, and in further pursuit of Skype’s goal of connecting one million classrooms across the globe through Skype in the classroom, we have recently partnered with the UK’s first cross-sector education think tank, The Education Foundation.

Technology’s impact on learning has been identified by The Education Foundation as a key challenge for the future and an area where a combination of practical projects and big thinking can make a real difference. This is a view held by Skype and reflected through our development of the Skype in the classroom program.

Our partnership was solidified this week with the launch of a state-of-the-art, technology-rich professional development center for education professionals and leaders in the heart of London – The Learning Lab. It will be used as a testing ground for new approaches to the curriculum, technology and the world of work. The space can also be used as an event and showcasing area for education organizations, policy makers and businesses across the UK.

At The Learning Lab launch event, guests had the opportunity to see the facility’s fully-equipped, reconfigurable classroom, featuring practical examples of it in use from teachers, students and partner organizations. As part of the tour, our flagship social good initiative Skype in the classroom was showcased. Attendees at the launch were able to speak directly with Amy Rosenstein, a 3rd-grade teacher at Concord Elementary School in Ardsley, New York about her experiences of using Skype in her classroom.

Skype Learning Lab

Our hope for The Learning Lab and our partnership with The Education Foundation is that more opportunities will be created for teachers and students to use technology in the classroom and barriers to communications can be removed, allowing them to connect and learn from others around the globe.

To see how you can get involved in The Learning Lab, visit or to register for Skype in the classroom, visit

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