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Skype seeks new employees from Ukraine

It’s pretty clear that if you want to find the coolest, the most talented and brilliant minds you have to embrace the whole wide World. And this time we will visit our old friend Ukraine where we will hold an information session about working possibilities in Skype at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” in Kiev already on Friday, May 11 at 15:00-17:00.

The information session will be free and open to everyone who is interested in changing the world of communication in our biggest development centre in Tallinn, Estonia and other offices in Prague, Moscow, Stockholm, London and Palo Alto, where altogether we have more than 150 vacancies on different positions. Or in other words: “Skype is growing globally. Now, as part of Microsoft we are seeking hundreds of people to our European engineering offices in parallel with the growth in US. Our message to new joiners has remained the same over the year – by joining Skype, you can work with some of the smartest people and make life better for millions of others every day!” (That’s directly from Tiit Paananen, our site leader and engineering people operations director from Tallinn, Estonia. You don’t exclude your boss’es quote from a blogpost, do you :P )

There are currently already 5 Ukrainians working for Skype in Tallinn. One of them, Oksana Dementsova, who works in video quality engineering team, considers coming to work for Skype the best choice she has made. “It has been an amazing 5 months so far. I have contributed into the development of the software used by millions of people every day. Skype offers great learning opportunities and I love working in our multicultural team.” She also praised Tallinn to be the perfect place to live in. “It is green, clean, modern and with a rich cultural life. It was easy to settle in with the well-developed real estate and public transport system,” said Oksana Dementsova.

If you plan to attend our information session to learn more about the job opportunities that Skype has to offer, please register on Additional information about the vacancies at Skype can be found from

We will be in Ukraine as part of Garage48 start-up weekend, which will take place on May 11-13 at National Technical University of Ukraine, and which is sponsored by Skype. Garage48 is a boot-camp initiative to build new web and mobile services in just 48 hours. The event starts on Friday at 17:00 with presentations of various product ideas and peaks with the demos of working products/prototypes on Sunday at 18:00. Our representatives will be there to mentor the teams in their work. More information about Kiev’s Garage48 event can be found from

See you in Kiev! :)

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