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Merchant Risk Council award

We are delighted to share that Skype has won the 2012 Merchant Risk Council Spotlight award, recognizing our innovative and industry leading approach to managing risk. The MRC is a group of preeminent risk professionals brought together by the goal of preventing online fraud.

Many companies were nominated for the award, including Facebook, Google, Spotify, Paypal, and many others, so we’re incredibly proud that Skype received the award despite such intense competition. The award was awarded for Skype’s approach to:

• Improved or innovative cross-functional fraud and risk systems
• Payment acceptance successes
• Industry collaboration
• Commercial impact

Following significant fraud reductions in 2010 and ongoing investment in automated development, Skype has industry-best levels of protection. The Anti-Fraud Department (AFD), part of Skype’s Business Operations Group, has moved from a ‘cost of doing business’ towards a ‘commercial insight team,’ which allows unrestricted spending on the part of our costumers, without the specter of fraud hanging over every purchase.
The results of Skype’s commitment to preventing fraud have been overwhelming positive, in terms of both customer satisfaction and now with this award, international recognition from Skype’s e-commerce peers.

Neil Ward, Skype’s VP of Business Operations, commented, “This is an incredible achievement by the Tallinn-based anti-Fraud team, who have embraced our principles of promoting profitable and sustainable growth; more importantly this enhances the level of trust in the Skype brand with our customers and partners.”

Diarmuid Considine, our Fraud and Payments Operations Manager, will accept the award on behalf of Skype at the MRC Annual Conference in Las Vegas at the end of March.

Congratulations to everyone involved!

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