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What would you see if you video called the world this May?

Wherever you are in the world, it’s super easy to stay in touch and share your experiences with cheap international calls and free Skype video calls. But what would you see if you video called the world this May? Read on to find out…

Video call Sweden … for Walpurgis Eve – the feast of the witches
Every year on May 1st, – or ‘Walpurgis Eve’ – thousands of Swedes light bonfires and fireworks in the hope of scaring witches flying to their annual Sabbath in the Harz Mountains of Germany.

If you video call Sweden on Walpurgis Eve (or Valborg as it is sometimes known), you’ll see old and young gathering around bonfires, lighting fireworks, and singing and dancing into the night. You might want to keep one eye on the sky though, just in case a witch or her familiar shows up too.

Video call Stilton, England … for cheese-rolling
London will soon be in the spotlight when the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations kick off, but the village of Stilton in Cambridgeshire will be trying to get its fair share of attention until then – with its cheese-rolling competition.

On May 7th, thousands of people will come to Stilton to roll cheese wheels down the village’s main street. Stilton is famous for its strong-smelling blue cheese, so competition will be fierce to be the village’s champion cheese roller. Prince William and his wife Catherine are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, so they may even come along to the event.

Video call Laos … for the Rocket Festival
Every year, the Lao festival of Boun Bang Fai sees thousands of home-crafted bamboo rockets launched into the air, where it’s hoped they’ll open-up the skies and kick-start the rainy season.

The festival takes place all month long in different villages and towns, so if you know anyone travelling in Laos, they’re bound to run into a colorful parade and rocket launch or two – just ask them to video call you from their cell so you can take part in the celebrations too.

Video call Ypres … for Kattenstoet
The Belgian town of Ypres is sadly remembered due to World War I. But on May 13th, Ypres will celebrate Kattenstoet – a yearly festival dedicated to cats that draws fans from all over the world.

In medieval times, cats would be thrown from the city’s bell tower as many people thought they were witch’s familiars and evil spirits. Nowadays, the cat is celebrated – not feared – and a massive cat parade with super-sized floats will parade through the streets of Ypres. Some locals even dress up in medieval costumes to mark the city’s past, and a jester will throw stuffed cats and teddy bears from the belfry too, for feline-fans to catch and take home as a memento.

Which events will you video call from this month? Where would you like to video call this May? Please let us know by leaving a comment below …

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