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A Follow-up on Skype for String

Remember how as a kid you played with your friends or siblings and pretended to call one another. This particular idea was so simple – using a tin can or paper cup on one end, which was connected to another tin can or paper cup on the other end with a string.

This very simple idea not only inspired Skype’s April Fool’s Day Joke last month, but it also inspired a creative idea in our Time for Skype integrated marketing campaign. We wanted to bring back the sensibility of good ol’ fashion communication and the ‘more human’ approach to staying in touch with friends and family.

We’ve developed a comprehensive campaign made up of offline and online digital media placements. One of the digital executions is a heart-warming video showcasing children playing with tin cans and string.

It hopefully reminds you of a childhood moment you’ve probably experienced, and hopefully reminds you of the meaningful connection you can have with those you care about using Skype. We hope you enjoy this particular piece of our campaign, which I happen to think is the perfect follow-up on ‘Skype for String.’

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