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Skype Click to Call New User Interface for Mac and PC Beta

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just launched a new User Interface for Skype Click to Call for Windows, version 6.0.2 and Skype Click to Call for Mac, version 2.0.183.

This has new UI for both FREE and paid SkypeOut calls.


To call a phone number, simply click any part of the highlighted number while signed into Skype. When the numbers are not free of charge, you will need to add Skype Credit or have a calling subscription. Learn more about how subscriptions work.

Additionally, by simply hovering over the number, users can now view additional calling options, such as:

– Adding the number to your Skype contact list – this enables you to save the number for any future use by adding it as a Skype contact


– Sending a text (SMS) to mobile numbers – this enables you to text a mobile number using Skype, which is particularly useful when travelling abroad or when text messaging international Skype supported phone numbers.


As this product is in Beta, we ask that you provide us with any feedback to help improve the product. If you find any issues or have ideas on how to improve it, please provide your feedback in our Skype Support Network.

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