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Show how you really feel with Skype Humoticons

As part of Skype‘s new “It’s Time for Skype” marketing campaign about putting humanity back into how we communicate with others each and every day, we have pledged to make the web a little more human. Given the popularity of the Skype emoticons as a way of sharing your emotions with each other, we’ve developed and introduced a new Facebook app to put a more human spin on these and help you share your gestures and expressions with the world: Skype Humoticons.

The Skype Humoticons app allows you to mimic classic emoticons by capturing images of your own facial expressions (from an existing photo or by snapping a picture with your webcam), which you can then post in our Humoticon gallery or share on your Facebook wall. And if you really want to fully express yourself, make an animated Humoticon by taking up to five pictures to show others how you really feel. Once you’re done, you can also download your Humoticon, or copy its URL, to share it in an instant message.

Most importantly, Humoticons are meant to be fun. Try creating classic faces such as wink wink_80.png, big smile smile_80.png, sad face sadsmile_80.png, tongue out tongueout_80.png, or thumbs up yes_80.png, as well as some more unusual options. Or just freestyle it and do whatever you want to express the way you’re feeling. Because nothing can replace the look on your face.

Get started creating your own Humoticons at and bring humanity back into the conversation.

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